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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Transform an old frame into a Chalkboard Frame!

I've been wanting a chalkboard of some kind in our house for ages.  I didn't want to buy one.  After all, using chalkboard paint is very popular these days.

I took an old large picture frame that I had actually put in the yard sale last year.  Thankfully, it didn't sell because now I needed it.  Sorry, I don't have a before picture.  I was spray painting and too lazy to go upstairs for the camera.

I started by painting the glass (big fail).  I had read some where to paint the glass, but then once I wrote on it, the paint rubbed off.  The words on the board should be "Craft, Craft, Crap!"
The paint rubbed off on multiple places.  Oh well.  Now, time for attempt #2.

I took the backing of the frame and painted on three coats of chalkboard paint.  I did two coats in one direction and one in the other direction.  This helped to hide any lines.  I got my paint from Walmart in their paint section.  Don't buy it from the craft section!  It is about a fourth of the size and more expensive.  The one I bought was around $6. Here is a picture of the paint I used:
Once you've allowed the the board to dry, you need to rub chalk all over it. Then wipe it off.

Then put your board in the framing and voila!  You now have a great chalkboard to use for anything in your house!  I considered putting some vinyl on it, such as, "To Do."  I am not sold on it though.  I would like to keep the frame for writing anything on.  I can't wait to start writing special things on my board, even if it is just my to do list.
Happy Crafting!

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