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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pacifier Clip Tutorial

Whether you approve of pacifiers or not, this isn't the issue.  The issue is saving yourself or another parent from picking up a pacifier continually or having to go on the great pacifier hunt.

  I have three kids and of those three, two loved having a pacifier.  My sweet little Anna loves her pacifier.  Since I am getting used to a girl and all the needs to accessorize, I had to make Anna some pretty pacifier clips to go with her outfits.  I also made a few boy's clips for a friend.

Without further ado...

Pacifier Clip Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Suspender/Mitten clips:  You can purchase just the clips at a craft store, but they can be expensive ($4 for two).  If you are lucky to hit the winter items before they are gone, purchase some regular mitten clips.  Typically, you get 4 in a set.  I bought some at regular price for $2 and caught them a few weeks later for $0.50!  That is quite the savings.  These are colored, but you could always spray paint or even paint them with fingernail polish.

Ribbon:  Measure your mitten clip opening to insure that your ribbon will fit well.  Most of these are 3/4 of an inch or an inch.

Thread: Pick your thread to match your ribbon

Sewable Velcro

Sewing machine or by hand if you so choose



1.  Cut your ribbon to the size that you would like for the child.  Typically 6 to 8 inches.  You don't want it too loose as it could become a danger for the child.

2.  Put both sides of the velcro together and cut it to fit your ribbon.  It doesn't need to be a large piece, just enough to catch and keep the ribbon attached.

3.  Fold over one in the ribbon.  String the ribbon through the mitten clip with the fold on the backside.  Fold over the clip and sew together.

4. Fold over the other end of the ribbon. Place one side of the velcro over the fold. Sew around the velcro to secure.  Space the second piece of velcro about an inch down from the ribbon and sew it to the ribbon as well.

There you have it.  A simple pacifier clip that you can whip up very quickly as a gift or for one of your little ones.  Here the ones that I have made recently.

Happy Crafting!

PS.  Happy Third Birthday to my little man Evan!  Thanks for always making us laugh and for your sweet platypus type kisses! Stop growing up on Mommy!

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