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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Carrot Seeds Sign-A Tutorial

I need some cute Easter decorations. I've been trying to think of something new and creative to make.  I had a vision of a carrot seed packet. Easter makes me think of rabbits. Rabbits eat carrots.  So..... Here's what I came up with.
I started with a piece of 3/4 inch thick, birch plywood.  This was a scrap piece of wood I found in our garage.  It's 10 3/4" x 12 1/4".  I painted it an antique white. While the paint was drying, I cut "Carrots" and "10 c" on my Silhouette.  The font was "Tiranti Solid Letter".  It was 162 pt. font.  The dimensions were 2x6".  I used the same font for 10c.  It was 98 pt. font.  I cut it on vinyl.

While I was working on my sign, my girls were painting signs of their own.

I lightly dry brush painted the sign with a dark brown.

Using a pencil, I drew carrots on the board.

After I painted the carrots, I pulled the vinyl off of the paper.  I used the vinyl as a stencil and painted it in with brown paint.

See how the vinyl makes a great stencil?

Here's the sign drying.  The only step left is distressing it.

When it's dry, I get out my mouse sander and sand away.

This is my finished sign.  It's a new Easter decoration!  I had all the materials for this so it didn't cost me a thing. Plus, it didn't take long to make!  My kind of craft: cheap and easy!
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