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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Perry the Platypus Hat

My kids love the show Phineas and Ferb.  To be honest, my husband and I equally enjoy it.  The humor in the show isn't crude or adult humor that you later have to explain.  It is just plain funny.  I also love a show that incorporates singing and dancing as it makes it that much more fun to watch!

Shannon and our friend Amy had a joint birthday party for their kiddos a couple of weeks ago.  I made both Quentin and Mariella a hat for their birthday.  Quentin loves Perry the Platypus (which is from Phineas and Ferb) and he is talented enough to make Perry's signature sound.  I asked Shannon if she had any ideas for Quentin and she mentioned a Perry hat.  I thought it was a fantastic idea and would be a great addition to my shop.

Check out Perry the Platypus!

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Minnie Mouse Hat

I've had making a Minnie and Mickey hat on my to do list for quite awhile.  There are so many Disney fans that I knew it would be a hit.

Shannon recently had a birthday for Mariella and it was Minnie Mouse themed.  I asked her what she would like me to make Mariella and she mentioned a Minnie Mouse hat.  I sent her some pictures of sample hats that I had seen before and we pieced together her favorite version of them all.

Here is Minnie Mouse....

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