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Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Strawberry Slippers

After making my Strawberry Slippers, I realized my sweet Anna deserved a pair as well.  She had a super cute dress with strawberries on it and I knew the slippers would be precious with it.

The slipper pattern I used for these is from Little Birdie Secrets.  The flower pattern is from Sarahndipities.  I stopped after the second row for the small flower.  Both are great patterns.

Here is my sweet Anna in her strawberry dress.  I also made her a pretty flower for her hair as well.  You can see the flower better in the second picture.

I plan to have my flower clips and slippers in my Etsy shop when it opens soon. Be on the lookout!  I am taking the big leap and giving it a try.  Wish me luck!

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