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Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Can You Make With $1 Frame?

You know how Target has their $1 section?  I found a $1 frame.  It was plain white. It needed bling.  With a little effort, I have something I think is adorable!
I took the frame and hot glued dotted ribbon around each section.  I gave the ribbon some extra oomph by making little humps in it. I did this by putting a dot of hot glue on the frame and making a lump in the ribbon before I glued a piece down.  I love how it made it look a little ruffled.  I finished each mini frame off with a little bow.  So cute!  I only wish I bought more frames!  What a great gift and it was so easy.  I LOVE 30 minute craft projects.  I don't come across them often.

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