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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Teacher Treat Jars

These were the adorable jars I made for Teacher Appreciation Week.  They were so easy!  I took Mason Jars (quart sized) and filled them with M & Ms.  I bought every kind of M & M I could find: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, pretzel, peanut, dark chocolate peanut, and peanut butter.  I have to say those peanut butter ones are scrumptious!  I mixed them all together and funneled them in the jars.  I bought 8 large bags of M & Ms for 4 quart sized jars and I had maybe a bag left (I can't be sure exactly how many since I'd mixed all the bags).  I would say, to be safe, plan on 2 large bags per jar. If there's any left over, it's just a bonus!

Using my Silhouette, I cut "Treats for the Teacher".  I used the Arial font and made the total image 3 inches square.  I cut them on a pretty bright green vinyl.  I affixed it to the jar using transfer tape.  I used a square of fabric cut with pinking sheers for the top of the jar.  I hot glued an orange ribbon around the top.  I tied a sunflower in the ribbon that had a yellow ribbon around it.  I was done!

This was an easy, yet thoughtful gift. Teachers are always giving our kids treats. Now here's a chance for them to have their own treats.  So far, I've never met anyone that didn't like M & Ms either!
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