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Friday, April 29, 2011

Abe's Birthday Present

Our friend, Abe, is turning 3.  I wanted to create a birthday gift for him.  I decided to make him a personalized sign.

I started with a 12x22" piece of scrap wainscoting.  I painted it white and let it dry completely.  Then, I painted it red and let it dry completely.  Then, I painted it white again.  I did this to give it dimension when I distressed the sign, at the end of the project.

While the sign was drying, I went to my Silhouette and designed the sign.  Since Abe's room is decorated in a "Lighthouse" theme with primary colors, I decided to find a lighthouse image in Silhouette's online store.  I used the Arial font for Abe's name.  I cut out the design, using vinyl, so I could create a stencil.

After making a stencil, and positioning it on the board, I started painting.  I realize that green is not a primary color, but I liked the combination.

This is the sign after the painting has been done and the stencil removed.

I used my mouse sander to distress it.  I love how there are places you can see bare wood, places that you can see the bottom layer of white, and places that the red pops through.  Distressing makes the sign to me.

I drilled holes at the top, weaved ribbon through the holes, and tied knots to keep the ribbon in place. I trimmed and burned the ends of the ribbon to keep it from fraying. 
The sign is done.  I hope Abe likes it!
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