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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yellow Roses - Teacher gift

Last week was beyond CRAZY!  We had the boys birthday/goodbye party on Saturday and I took on WAY too much in the preparations.  Will I ever learn?  (Not likely!)  I can't wait to share the party with you, but it will have to wait till next week.

This week is Teacher Appreciation.  Each day I will showcase what my son is taking to spoil his teacher. You can never spoil a teacher enough!  They do so much that goes unnoticed.  Take the time to give back and show some much needed appreciation!

I have lots of cute items to give Ryan's kindergarten teacher.  The room mother had a daily list of things to give the teacher.  I am trying to follow the list with some additional crafty gifts!

The first day was the teacher's favorite flower; a yellow rose.  Well, I knew she would probably get a few bouquets worth and that they would eventually die off.  I wanted to give her something that would last and that she could use as a decoration.

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