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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A New, Easy Way to Make Decorative Shirts-A Tutorial

Do you want to create a personalized tshirt in less than thirty minutes?  It's possible! My friend Lesli shared this form of tshirt making with me.  Thanks, Lesli!

This is what I used:
fabric (for the design)
a heart stencil
Heatbond-iron on adhesive-LITE-purchased in the fabric department of JoAnns
an iron
a needle
a sewing machine is optional

First, I traced the heart onto the paper side of the heatbond.

Then I ironed the fabric on to the rough side of the heatbond. I turned the steam off on my iron and made sure it adhered well.

I then cut the heart out.

Tada.  (Sorry about the ugly ironing board cover background)

This is what the back of the heart looks like.

I peeled the paper coating away and was left with a smooth material on the back of my heart.

I positioned the heart on my shirt and ironed it on. I had my iron on the hottest setting possible, no steam. 
The heart attached easily. You could stop here, but I wanted to do a little decorative stitching.

The fabric had a "dotted" black line running throughout it.  I decided to continue that around the edges.  I used a piece of embroidery floss and hand stitched around the heart.  I've seen others use their sewing machines and fancy stitches but... I'm not a great seamstress and I really thought with this particular fabric, this looked cute.

In less than an hour I had two shirts done for my two girls.  I like quick crafting!
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