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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dr. Oz's Green Tea Recipe-A Metabolism Booster

I saw this on Dr. Oz.  I think it's worth a try.  This comes straight from his website:

For a powerful metabolism-boosting drink, try Dr. Oz’s Tangerine Weight-Orade. It contains: green tea, shown to boost metabolism 12% by drinking just one cup; tangerine, with a chemical composition that increases sensitivity to insulin and stimulates genes that help to burn fat; and mint, a calorie-free flavor enhancer.

Tangerine Weight-Orade
In a large pitcher, combine:
  • 8 cups of brewed green tea
  • 1 tangerine, sliced
  • A handful of mint leaves
Stir this delicious concoction up at night so all the flavors fuse together. Drink 1 pitcher daily for maximum metabolism-boosting results.

So, I've been making the tea and really like it. I add a little agave nectar to sweeten it... not much though. I haven't been drinking a pitcher a day but I'm drinking it instead of Diet Coke. I'm sure it's healthier. I hardly ever get a chance to see Dr. Oz but I did see this.  I thought I'd share the info, just incase!
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