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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Baby Gift-A Baby Food Jar Cake-A Tutorial

I have made many diaper cakes for baby showers I've hosted and attended.  They are great decorations, are fun, and better yet, very practical!  Our friend was having her second baby. Because she was having another boy, we decided to throw her a themed shower. A "food" theme was selected. So, we focused on all things to do with feeding babies.

I wanted to make her a special gift.  She is a very special friend. I decided to make a baby food jar cake.
I needed a round cake board. You can buy these anywhere. I picked these up at WalMart in a 5 pack.  I bought 24 jars of baby food. I had a glue gun, a plastic wrapping bag, and ribbon.

I arranged 14 jars into a circle and hot glued them to the cake board.

I glued 7 more jars on top of the first layer.

Here's a top down view.

I glued the final three jars on top of the second layer.

Another view from the top.

Here's the plastic wrapping bag I used.  I put the entire baby jar cake in it.

I then tied a big blue bow on it and added a pack of spoons for a little extra touch.

This was a fun twist on a traditional item.  The mother to be loved it!
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In case you missed it!

I have two things I wanted to share with you! 

First,  we had a hiccup with out email subscription on Tuesday and two posts didn't make it to you!  Thankfully, it is fixed now, but we don't want you to miss out on what was made.  Shannon gave the recipe for her Easy, safe, not messy, homemade playdough
This stuff is amazing!  It smells so good as it is made with koolaid and it is super soft!

Plus, Shannon showed off her Birthday Treat Buckets.
 These were a huge hit with all the kids at Mariella's brithday party.  Go check these two posts out!  I didn't want you to miss out on them!

Second, you might have noticed a new row of pictures at the top of our blog.  I added this so you could see the last 6 to 8 items we worked on.  Click on any picture to be taken to that post.  Hopefully, this will help you as you navigate our blog as well.

Thank you to all our new followers!  We are honored that you are part of our new blog family!

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