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Sunday, May 1, 2011


I don't know how EarthBOXes first came into my life.  Was it my Mom who loves to garden and gets so excited about her EarthBOX success? Could it have been my grandparents? I can remember planting EarthBOXes with my Granddad. He was a perfectionist and followed the directions exactly.  He did have great results. Of course, I've had great results with mine too and I don't always follow directions correctly.

EarthBOXes are a great thing.  They are simple to plant, easy to care for, and have great results. My family has used them for tomatoes, okra, all kinds of peppers, blueberries, bok choy, lettuce, collards, squash, cucumbers, and I'm sure other things I don't remember.

EarthBOXes are reusable. That's another great thing! They are sturdy and meant to be used for many years.  We now have four and the oldest is at least eight years old!  You can even use the same soil for up to eight years.  Your EarthBOX comes with almost everything you need to start planting.  All you need to buy is the soil and plants. Replacement items, including fertilizer, and covers, are available from EarthBOX, for future planting.

Here is our newest EarthBOX.

It comes with the box, the screen, a watering tube, casters to make it easily portable, dolomite, fertilizer, 2 covers, and WONDERFUL directions! We bought 2 cubic feet of the soil (per box), EarthBOX recommended and plants, and we started planting.

First, we leveled the ground under the box.  Then we added the screen and watering tube.

We added the soil. We made sure to pack it in the corners as the directions said.

We added the premeasured dolomite.
We mixed the dolomite in.

We added soil to the top of the box.

We made a trench in the middle. (Depending on what you're planting, the trench could also go in the front).
We added the premeasured fertilizer.

We poured the rest of the bag of soil on top.  It made a little mountain.

We put the cover over the soil.
Following the directions (that include pictures) we cut slits in the liner for our plants.

We planted!  This box has 6 pepper plants.  After planting, we watered it using the watering tube.  So easy!

The girls are ready to plant the next three boxes.  This year, we're doing tomatoes, yellow squash, and collards.  We'll keep you updated with our results!

Who wants to give an EarthBOX a try?  EarthBOX has given us a complete box to share with one of our followers.  Here's what you need to do to enter the giveaway:

1. (Mandatory) Follow Our Seven Dwarfs on facebook and let us know you do.
2. Visit EarthBOXes website: http://www.earthbox.com/ and join their email list.  This will let you know all the specials they have going on. Let us know you joined their list.
3.  Follow Our Seven Dwarfs on email or RSS feed and let us know you do.
4.  Follow Our Seven Dwarfs on blogger and let us know you do.
5. Leave us a comment and tell us how you would use your EarthBOX.

That's up to five chances to win!  You have until Saturday, May 7th at 11:59 EST to enter. The winner will be chosen, and announced, on May 8th.  Good Luck!

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