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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Best Cranberry Relish

My Mom makes the best Cranberry Relish!  I look forward to it every year.  Three years ago, I started making it myself and have gotten many requests for the recipe.

This is not a gel-like cranberry sauce.  That is all my husband will eat.  This recipe is chunky, fruity and a great mix between the flavor of natural cranberries and the sweetness of fruit.  If you try this recipe, please leave me a comment and tell me how it worked for you!  I hope this will become one of your family's favorites for many years to come!

Cranberry Relish 
by Donna A (Jill's Mom)

1 lb. Package of cranberries
1 cup crushed pineapple in juice
1 cup sugar
1 orange with peel (cut into smaller pieces and remove seeds)

Mix together in food processor.  Add more sugar if cranberries are too sour tasting.  Refrigerate for a couple of hours.

*I originally posted this last year, but I know many of you might not have seen it.  This is a fantastic recipe that I wanted to share again!

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  1. Jill-I've tried to make this relish (You brought it to Shannons once) and it just doesnt turn out as good as when you make it!!!! You've got the magic touch!

  2. Amy-It isn't that I make it better. It is that anything you don't have to make yourself always taste better! At least that is how I feel!



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