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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Candy Corn Wreath Tutorial

I love candy corn.  I might be addicted to it.  When I saw the Candy Corn Wreath on the cover of October's Woman's Day, I just had to make it.  I think it turned out great!

Here is what you will need if you would like to make your own:

1 styrofoam wreath (mine was 16 inches)
1 roll of wide satin black ribbon (Woman's Day uses duct tape, ribbon looks much nicer)
1 bag of Brach's candy corn (use the good stuff, you'll want to eat some as well)
A glue gun and glue sticks
Clear enamel spray paint

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures for my step by step as I made this prior to us starting the blog.  If you need visuals you can find some at the Woman's Day site, yet I did mine differently.

1.  Wrap the Styrofoam wreath with black satin ribbon.  Start by gluing down the beginning piece and then add glue as you need it.  This will help secure it for later.

2.  Pour your candy corn in a bowl so that you can easily grab it to put on the wreath and in your mouth.  You will have plenty to enjoy some as well!

3.  Starting at the bottom middle, glue each piece of candy corn in a line around your wreath.  Make sure that each piece faces the same way and is a whole piece.  If you need to break a piece at the end, don't worry, your hanging ribbon will cover any smaller pieces.

4.  Once you have one row completed, go back to your starting place.  Switch the direction of the candy corn and do a row above and below your last row.

5.  Continue doing rows until you no longer see a solid portion of black ribbon.  Do not cover the back.  Be careful as you go not to stick the tip of your glue gun into other pieces of candy corn.  If you do, it will damage the candy and you will then need to replace that piece.

6. Once you are finished with the candy corn, spray your wreath with clear enamel spray paint.  Make sure to get each piece of candy corn.  This will give your wreath a nice shine and keeps you or little ones from eating candy corn from the wreath.  Hopefully, this will keep bugs from getting at the candy before next year as well.

7. Cut out a length of black satin ribbon to your liking.  Put it through your wreath and glue the ends together.

8.  Hang your wreath and enjoy it for the fall season!

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