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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Couple More Fantastic Thanksgiving Decorations

This is another repost from last year.  From what I understand, makia creations no longer exists; however, you can still easily create these great projects!  I hope you are as inspired as I was!

One of my favorite crafty blogs is http://howdoesshe.com/ I must admit, I am a follower of this one.  I have been inspired by their ideas, so many times! Two of the girls that created the blog have started a business, selling craft kits for their projects.  This is a fabulous idea!

For one of their projects, I ran to a dozen stores looking for the necessary materials.  It was at the beginning of my crafting frenzy and I didn't realize that it was okay to substitute.  Save yourself the trouble.  Substitute when necessary! Anyway, their site was my inspiration for the "Turkey Feather Photo Stand" and "Truly Thankful" board I copycatted.  http://www.makiacreations.com/thanksgiving_kits Because they are selling the kits, they don't offer tutorials.  Because it's a copycat craft, I didn't set up a tutorial either; however, it's pretty simple.

    I free handed the turkey body and turkey head on mdf.  My lovely husband cut them out with his jigsaw.  He also made little triangles for the waddle part.  I used his belt sander to smooth all the edges. (Have I mentioned how wonderful it is having a supportive husband with all the right tools?) I picked out the perfect papers (this is a time consuming task for me).  I mod podged them on.  When they were dry, I re-sanded to blend in the edges.  I stained the edges to better blend. I wood glued them all together with that wonderful Elmer's wood glue. After it was dry, I drilled 9 holes to the top of each turkey.  I cut 9 pieces of six inch wire for each turkey.  I bent the top of each wire with pliers so they would act as photo holders.  I then wood glued the tips into the holes I drilled. I probably didn't need to wood glue them because they fit pretty tightly; but, decided to anyway to keep from losing them when I pack the Thanksgiving stuff away each year.  I made two different turkeys.  One for me, and one for my mom.  Now, I just need to take some pictures to put in these little guys.

  Now for the "Truly Thankful" boards.  I made two different ones that are very much alike! That darling husband of mine cut scrap wood into 11x16 pieces for me.  The wood was already eleven inches wide, so we went with that. I chose 16 inches because I like the torn paper look on the edge of the board and I think it makes a great wall hanging size.  I sanded the wood and rounded the corners, using that belt sander. I selected my paper (another tedious task!). I had to use two sheets since the paper comes in 12 inch squares and I needed 16 inches.  I tore the second piece to give it that rugged finish. I mod podged it and let it dry.  I re-sanded it and stained it to blend in the edges. (Do you see the mod podging pattern?) I drilled the holes on top for hanging.  I decided on cranberry vinyl to give it a punch of color.  I spent forever picking out what I thought were the perfect fonts.  I cut the words on my Silhouette SD.  Jill and I both have a Silhouette so you'll notice we use them on many of our projects.  They are HUGE time savers!  I applied the vinyl using transfer tape.  I added the ribbon around the wood and through the holes to add a little girly touch.  I then attached handles for hanging.  You will notice that each frame hangs differently.  Lesli got a steal of a deal on the hanger style one and picked it up for me.  I only had one.  So, I improvised on the second hanging (again for my mom) and used a piece of the wire I used for the photo feathers.  I twisted the edges around a pencil to give it the spiral look and worked the ribbon around it. I think it turned out nicely too. Voila!  Two more copycat crafts completed!

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