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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cheap Decorating Idea

Here's to low cost, kid friendly, holiday decorating....CHEERS!

I have a bowl that normally sits on my dining room table.  It came with 4 large matching balls.  It needed some oomph for the holidays.  Since I placed a large poinsettia arrangement on my dining room table, I decided I could use the bowl to make a decoration, my kids could play with, that wasn't messy or dangerous and could be easily "fixed" when they were finished.
I bought 3 tubes of ornaments from Walmart for $1.00 a tube.  I chose colors that were in the table cloth I was placing under the bowl: a bright green, red, and gold. I dumped them in the bowl and within a minute I had what I was looking for: neat, kid friendly, decor.
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