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Friday, January 14, 2011

From Blah To TaDa... with just a little vinyl!

I love all things personalized!
Well, almost all.  I just think it makes otherwise boring things, special.  Here are a few things I personalized, with vinyl.

These were the crates I loaded with gifts for GraciAnn's teachers' Christmas presents.

These are pushcarts, we got from IKEA for the girls.

A little side bling.

...and the front view. We've learned it works best to by two identical items and put their names on them. Mariella, not quite two, recognizes her name and knows it's best to stay away from her sister's!

This is GraciAnn's trashcan for her room.  I purchased it at IKEA too. It has a flap lid and was about $8. 
This was last night's project.  The bin on the left is a trashcan I picked up at Publix for $2.  The one on the right we use as a hamper. I got it at IKEA for about $3 or $4. These go in the girls' bathroom. 

The hamper front  "After".  The teacher in me wants to provide a print rich environment for my kids, so I wanted to clearly label the hamper with what we put in it: laundry.  I decided to do a plain font.

Side view of laundry hamper.

...and other side.

The finished trashcan.

Side view of finished trashcan.

Other side of trashcan.

Vinyl colors, up close.

I chose 3 different colors of vinyl.  All coordinate well with the bathroom. I used my Silhouette to cut the vinyl out.  I was pretty random about how I stuck the flowers and leaves on. Voila... an hour later, I was finished. So, for less than $10, we have a laundry hamper and a trashcan that match perfectly!  This morning, when GraciAnn saw them, she said, "I love the trashcan and laundry basket you made, Mommy. They are beautiful!"  Well, maybe not beautiful but darn cute in my book!
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  1. I'm big in to personalization too! I love those push carts.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks, Lauren! They are lightweight and fun to fill!

  4. Awesome job yet again Shannon!

  5. What a great idea, so creative! I will be copying you on these for my kids, thanks!!


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