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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wooden Conversation Hearts Tutorial

It's not too late to make some last minute Valentine gifts!   Here is an easy tutorial for Wooden Conversation Hearts!
I picked up three large wooden hearts from Michael's on my browsing day (the same day as my heart picture frame day).  I drilled a hole at the top of each heart.  I then painted each heart a different color (red, purple, pink).  Then I realized that two of the hearts needed a second hole drilled at the bottom on the heart. (not shown)
I used my fabulous Silhouette and cut out the words "Hug Me", "Kiss Me", "Love Me."  I peeled away the excess vinyl.
I covered each set of words with transfer tape.  Make sure to scrape the transfer tape well on the words so they adhere to the tape. Peel off the paper backing from the letters and tape.
Center the letters over your heart.  Scrape the letters down onto the heart.  Carefully, peel off the transfer tape.
I connected each of my hearts with white satin ribbon.  You could also hang these individually.  If you do this, only drill a hole at the top of the heart.
One more Valentine decoration is finished!  My house is starting to look festive, with only a few days left before Valentine's Day!

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  1. Very cute! Do you mind me asking what font you used? These turned out great!



  2. Kelly-I used Cooper Black for the font on these. It was about 125 pt font. Hope that helps. Thanks for the comment!

  3. These are really cute and really easy!

  4. I have a few wooden decorator hearts in my home they stay out all year long as to me they mean love


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