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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bathroom Rules Board Tutorial

A few weeks ago, we were featured over at Funky Polkadot Giraffe.  In case you missed our feature, I wanted to share the tutorial with you.  It is for my Bathroom Rules board.

Unfortunately, I still don't have it hung up in our bathroom.  I keep asking for the hubby's help, but another night goes by.  I guess I will have to do it on my own and then hear about not hanging it straight or using the wrong nail.  Oh well, he is a fantastic husband and daddy.  I couldn't ask for more.  When I have it hung in the bathroom, I will update the picture!

Now for the tutorial!

Needed supplies:
MDF board or other wood board (cut to size of your choosing)
Paint and foam paint brushes
Silhouette (or Cricut) with vinyl of choice OR Stencil (see #5 for more options)
Transfer tape

Board or wood tip:  Any of the big home improvement stores have large sheets of mdf or other types of wood.  I bought a large sheet of mdf for $21.  I had them cut it down to sizes that would be good for making decorations and giving gifts, which cost 25 cents a cut. (This made it much easier to transport home too.)  I got 10 boards out of this sheet of wood.  That's 10 projects or gifts for about $2 a piece, can't be that! (I've already made two advent boards, a religious subway art board, this bathroom rules board out of this one sheet of mdf).

1. Choose what size board you would like to work with. Mine is about 30 by 21.
2.  I used four cans to prop up my board so that I could easily paint the sides and top.  You might have small pieces of wood to prop yours up, I didn't so I got creative.
3.  Paint your board.  Mine took three coats of paint.  Red paint always seems to take more coats.  I highly suggest painting one coat vertically and then switching to horizontally for the next coat and so forth.  This will help any lines from the foam paint brush from showing up.
4.  Design what you would like said on your board.  The same process can be used for any saying.  Here is a screenshot of the start of my design.
5.  Once you have your design set, cut it using your Silhouette on the vinyl of your choosing.  I am sure you could do the same on a Cricut using SCAL.  Shannon also made a tutorial where you can stencil on words, it can be found here.  You can also print off words, cut it with an exacto knife and mod podge it on.  (This is quite tedious and precise though).

6.  Peel off the excess vinyl.  Take your vinyl and practice where you would like your design by placing it on your board.
7.  Once you like the placement, take transfer tape and cover your design.  Use a scraper and adhere the vinyl to your tape. *A scraper could be a credit card, a pampered chef stone scraper (I've used this before) or a scraper made for vinyl.
8.  Peel off the paper backing and place your design on your board.  Use your scraper again and adhere your vinyl to the board.
9.  Peel off your transfer tape and adhere any other pieces of vinyl.  That's it!  You have a finished decorative board now!  Attach the appropriate hanging fixtures or display on a shelf.
10.  Vinyl is very forgiving.  You can easily peel it up and place it back where you want it.  My vinyl has an adhesive back, but if you want to secure it permanently, you could put on a layer of mod podge.  This step isn't necessary though.

I found this saying on a board at a store and thought it was cute.  I wasn't about to spend $40 for their version.  My board cost about $4 and was customized to the exact colors and size that I wanted.  The next time you see a decoration that you would like for your house, don't be afraid to make it and save yourself some cash!

We are linking up this project to all these wonderful parties.  Go visit them for more great ideas!
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  1. hiya , visiting from girl creative x this sign is really cute and you go girl and get it hung up yourself x hope to see you at mine soon

  2. Jill & Shannon I love this sign! I'm remodeling a bath right now and I'm so making this sign now for it lol. Please link this to my party today, my readers will love it! http://designergarden.blogspot.com/2011/03/vip-party-8.html

  3. Oh you Rock! Thanks for linking up!

  4. You know what I do when my husband won't hang something for me?

    I wait until he's home and then I start to hang it myself. I handle the drill, hammer, etc. like those people on informercials do. (You know the ones, "Using a garden hose is so hard! You always get tangled in it.")

    It drives him just crazy enough that he'll get up and do it. lol.

    I like the sign. Thank you for sharing the tutorial. I've been having trouble with the vinyl so I appreciate your tutorial even more.

  5. SO cute, I love that saying, I know what is like getting hubby's help sometimes LOL! Have a great weekend!


  6. This is so cute! Love the saying. I will definitely be trying this. New follower from Bliss Images and Beyond...please visit!

  7. Very cute, and I do love when I can make it myself too! :-) Thanks for linking up!

  8. So cute! Thanks for sharing!
    Deanna @ shadytreediary.blogspot.com

  9. Hi, I'm laura :) I found you through t.g.c! What an awesome sign!

  10. I love your tutorial! The sign is very cute!
    your newest follower, hope you'll come and visit me, too!

  11. Love it!!! I am now a follower from Crissy's Cratfs!

  12. Love the board. What a great tutorial. Extremely thorough. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at www.diybydesign.blogspot.com. Thanks so much.

  13. Love this sign - hoping to get a Cricut for my b-d in 2 weeks, gotta learn how to use it - especially the transfer tape. Good job, and hang it yourself, girlfriend! :)

  14. So cute ... I would love to be able to cut my own vinyl. Lucky you!!
    Popping over from TipJunkie.
    Happy Day!

  15. I made a 6ft long Brush Your Teeth Sign and hung it myself! I hate waiting for help!

  16. I've been wanting to find a reason to use vinyl with my Cricut. Perfect excuse!! I love this sign. Looks amazing!

  17. So nifty, neat & creative. I invite you to share your wonderful idea with my followers, please link to my blog bash K.I.S.S. Happy to be a new follower :)

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  18. I love this! Do you think it would work on a canvas or a canvas board?

  19. Very cute sign and nice choice of color. LOL, this sign needs to be in every bathroom!

  20. I love this sign. It's so cute. Great idea.

    I don't have a Silhouette or Cricut. I would have to do it the old fashioned way. LOL

    I just stopped by from TCB's Get Your Craft On.


  21. This is so cute, and Great for little families so everyone remembers everything.

    Thanks for the tutorial. I'm still learning to use my Silhouette. So, I guess you can go longer than their sheet of paper view? Glad to know that. :)

  22. Great idea! I'd love for you to come over and link this up to our Wicked Awesome Wednesday linky party.

  23. This is such a wonderful idea! I will definitely be needing something like this when my twins are using the loo!

  24. I LOVE this! Its PERFECT for you to Link up at my Linky PAR-TAY,

    Whassup Wednesday!!!

    And I have a party button you can grab so your friends can come too:)



  25. It made me laugh-I just made some signs for my bathroom too. I guess I'm not the only mom that gets tired of giving hygiene reminders

  26. hi there- i'm a new follower. I have a bathroom sign too (made from a real estate sign). Would love a visit and follow back, thanks,


  27. Love this! I am definitely making one of these! Thanks for all the great ideas! :)

  28. I love this sign. Finding ways to decorate the bathrooms can get ya a little stumped sometimes I like this one a lot!!

    Have a great weekend =0)

  29. I need some art in my vintage bathroom. Badly.

    Great inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing...

  30. What a great idea . . . I have a few boys that could use this reminder! lol! I would love to have you come and share this at my Fantastic Friday link party. http://ironvioletdesigns.blogspot.com


  31. Thanks for the idea! I got some old cabinet doors for $2 at a Restore...can't wait to make this sign with one of them!

  32. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments! I am glad you all like it so much! I can't wait to see all the projects that everyone does from this idea! Thank you also for taking the time to leave a comment! I appreciate it!


  33. I love this and featured you today. Come over and grab my button if you'd like.

  34. I would like to feature this post with the sign that I made from your tutorial above. I am new to blogging and wanted to be sure I had your permission. Thanks.



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