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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dish Soap Dispenser Upgrade & Tutorial

I hate doing dishes. I would prefer everything go in the dishwasher, but that isn't the case. There are always those dishes or pots and pans that must be washed by hand.  Over the last few months, my dish washing has increased, due to excessive cooking.  While I stand at the sink, I continue to look at that unattractive container of dish soap.  Why couldn't it be nicer and a bit more discrete?  Aha, a crafting idea.

Off I went to all my favorite stores, yes Mom, that included Walmart.  (She likes to harass me for going to Walmart regularly.  It doesn't help that my 2 year old asks if we are going to Walmart whenever I tell him we have to run to the store.  Let's just say that between trips to Sam's Club and Walmart, I am helping increase the Walton family fortune).  I digress.

I shopped all the stores until I found something that worked.  I planned to find a container for my dish soap, but decided to upgrade and label both. (I'm pretty sure I found these at Target, sorry Walton family, but I'm not positive.  It's been awhile).
Both soap dispensers are clear.  I filled them up with my hand soap and dish soap.  That looked plain though.  People might get confused as to which one to use.  (I know Mom, it is just horrible that I let people wash their hands at my kitchen sink.  Shame on me!) 
Therefore, I utilized my handy dandy Silhouette machine.  Are you beginning to understand how much I love this machine and all the nifty things you can do with it?  I cut out my words and removed the excess vinyl.
I picked up the words that I need for each dispenser using my transfer tape.  Since this was a curved surface it was a bit harder to get the letters on perfectly.  Thankfully, this vinyl is forgiving and I was able to take off a letter and put it back on where I needed it to be.
There you have it.  I love my new soap dispensers.  They are unique and I don't have to look at the unattractive dish soap bottle any longer.  Does that bother anyone else or just me?
Now, I must return to the sink full of dishes that won't clean themselves.  At least I had a crafting break!  If only all chores could be sidetracked with a craft to make it more enjoyable!

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  1. Wal-mart is the only major retailer and grocery store in my town, so needless to say I'm there all the time! I often frequent 2-3 times a day! :) You're not the only one! I love these dispensers too! I'm really taken with the clear aspect. Simple, not unheard of, but blows my mind. Love it!

  2. Great blog! Am a new follower! Great Facebook page as well!


  3. These are so awesome! Another fantastic reason why I need a Silhouette machine!

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!

    Erin-you definitely should invest in a Silhouette. I am so happy I did!

    Creative Design-thank you! We are so glad you are here!

    Kristina-I'm glad I am not alone with my frequent shopping at Walmart. Thanks for the sweet comments as well!

  5. Freakin AWESOME! I'm making these for sure! I love it. And I think I'll even take it a step further, I'll let you know when I get to it =)

  6. Looks great! Hopefully one day I'll get my hands on one of those machines :)

  7. These look so great...love them!

  8. Super cute and thrifty idea!


  9. Very clever!! So glad I found you from TipJunkie. Happy day!!

  10. Great idea!! I am impatiently awaiting my silhouette arrival any day now. I can't wait!! Here from Today's Creative blog

  11. Really like what you did with the bottles - yes, it's nice to know which is which, people visiting usually have to ask me, so you cleared it up for everyone. Don't you love vinyl? And... I 'followed' your blog!

  12. WHAT a great idea!
    Thanks for the post & I love your blog!


  13. Look at you and all your cool vinyl projects! I love your personalized soap containers!

  14. This is so cool! I'm a new follower from Making the World Cuter, and love finding new blogs to read for inspiration and ideas. Hope you'll follow me back at http://copy-cat-crafter.blogspot.com!

  15. Very cool!! Love them, Jill!

  16. I can't believe all the things you can make with a vinyl cutter. Very fun indeed.

  17. Stopping by from the Friday Blog hop. Those are very cute and I need one for dishes for sure. I hate the big bottle on my counter. Have a great weekend and stop by any time.
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    Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ThisanThatBoutique
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  18. Such a creative idea! I am definitely going to add a little vinyl to my soap dispensers. So cute!

  19. I love your soap dispensers! I really hate seeing the dishsoap bottle sitting by the side of the sink, too, but I haven't managed to track down a dispenser that I like yet. I did consider buying some glass bottles with those oil drizzl spouts, but I thought that might invite disaster with a four year-old on the loose! (I, too, let people wash their hands at the kitchen sink :) )

  20. I love these and they definitely must add some cuteness to the kitchen sink. We are in the process of moving. I think I will have to add these to my list of projects for after the move. Super cute!

  21. If it's in the house...I label it. I love the brackets too...

    Thanks for linking...

  22. LOVE these! I have been hunting for something similar to purchase; now I realize I need to be crafty. Oh well, I will just have to covet your dispensers!

  23. Love this idea. What font did you use??


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