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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter to do list finished!

Well, we can finally say that we finished most of our Easter to do list.  We didn't get to making the sweets, but those will be on our future lists.

We've been busy making all the crafts on our list.  We have a true crafting partnership.  On many of these projects we split the work to make it easier on both of us!

The first project we worked on was the Peep Bunting.  We got the tutorial from Dana Made it.  These turned out super cute, but were a ton of work.  Shannon spent hours cutting out all the peeps.  Then my sewing machine decided to die, but thankfully Shannon let me borrow hers.  I sewed the first layer of bunnies to the ribbon (for 3 different banners), then sewed another bunny on top and sewed around the exterior.  This was a labor of love, but now we have adorable buntings that will last for years to come.  My bunting is on my fireplace.  Shannon joined two buntings and has them going up her stairway.  Don't they look great?

Shannon found a great new blog called Auntie Lolo Crafts.  She has some great craft ideas.  Shannon did her button egg, which is just precious.
Shannon cut out these adorable bunnies from felt and made them for me!  I added the pink ribbon and I think they are a great addition to my Easter decorations.

Here's the family of Chocolate Bunnies at Shannon's house.

We highlighted this DIY Paint Chip Easter Garland on our Facebook page from Modern Parents Messy Kids.  This was super easy and makes quite the statement.  Shannon was nice enough to give me her template and leftover paint chips.  Here is my garland hanging from my mirror (ignore the baseball game going on in the background).
Shannon also hung her from her mirror as well.  (She was smart enough to turn off the television).

The last project we completed was this beautiful yarn wreath from The Sweet Survival.  Shannon wrapped our small foam wreath with yarn while I worked on the eggs.  We want to do it just like the tutorial, but we found the intricately wrapped eggs were too time consuming.  Instead, we opted for the messy wrapped plastic eggs.  These were easier to do quicker.  We ran out of time making the wreaths so I finished wrapping the eggs and glued them on the wreath for both of us.  My glue gun died on me, only after giving me two major burns.  I went out an purchased a new glue gun and I am loving not getting burned!

The first picture is of Shannon's wreath hanging on her beautiful mantle.
I added some yellow ribbon and hung it from a door hanger and tied on a bow for added decoration.

There you go, all of our finished Easter projects!  We hope that you enjoyed them all.

We both want to wish all our wonderful readers a very Happy Easter!

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  1. Your hard work paid off! I love the button art! I'll have to go over & follow the blog! Thanks!


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  2. Looks great! I love the stuff you guys do! I'm giving you the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my blog to find out more about it


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