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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Never peel a potato again!

I love to cook, but peeling things such as potatoes is quite the chore.  Anyone else feel that way?

Well, I have a video to share with you that will change how you work with potatoes from now on.  Check it out!

Thanks to Brenda for sharing this video with me!  I really appreciate it!

Off to make potatoes without the hassle!

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  1. That is like my worst nightmare- pealing potatoes...I love the idea. I will be trying it....I just wonder- is the potato still hard after 15 minutes or is it soft enough to start making mashed potatoes- or do you put it back in to boil some more???

  2. Happyhagys-I'm not sure. I am out of potatoes at our house or else I would give this a try. I would say you probably need to cook it a bit longer as it seemed solid still in her hands. I hope that helps!


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