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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Post it Note Holders

I have another super easy craft to share with you!  I am kicking myself that I didn't make these sooner!

No longer will you have loose papers or ugly notepads in your purse or handbag!  These decorative post it note holders are perfect for jotting down notes, writing a to do list or making your shopping list.  These make a big impression as a gift as well!

My sister passed along this idea to me from what has become a favorite blog to follow.  You can see the full tutorial on Beneath My Heart.  I love that she is a fellow Kentucky gal too!

I made three different designs for each of Ryan's teachers.  This was also another craft share with Shannon so I made four of each design to cover a gift for all the teachers.  I bundled them up and wrapped them in ribbon.  Check them out!

You can make them to fit any need or colors that you like.  The paper is secured down by a velcro dot and the post it notes are glued to the inside paper.  Make sure to check out the tutorial more details.

I was surprised by what little time it took me to make these.  Ryan's teacher's really enjoyed them too!

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1 comment:

  1. Yeah! Those turned out adorable! Thanks so much for linking back to my blog. And I am so honored that I am a blog that you follow. It means so much to me!
    Where in Ky do you guys live?
    I didn't know we were neighbors. Or did I? :)
    I have met a ton of Ky bloggers lately. It's awesome!


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