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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scrap Bookmarks!

Are you ready to use up all that extra fabric you might have lying around?  If so, I have the perfect craft for you!

Awhile back, my sister came across this Scrap Savvy Bookmark Tutorial.  I loved the idea of using up leftover fabric and making a nice gift out of it as well! This is an easy craft that will cost you very little money and can be a nice, quick gift!

If you weren't aware, this is Teacher Appreciation week!  I made these bookmarks for my son's teachers.   I made two bookmarks in each fabric.  This gave each teacher three bookmarks.  I put them with a card and wished them happy reading over their summer break.  I hope that they like them!

Supplies needed:

Leftover coordinating fabrics (any sizes)
Heat N' Bond (found at Walmart-very inexpensive and will get you MANY bookmarks)
Pinking Shears
Coordinating ribbons (optional)

Cut your fabrics to the size you would like to make bookmarks.  Any size will do.  Apply Heat N' Bond to your coordinating fabrics, using your iron.  Take off the paper backing from the wrong side of the fabric.  Cut a piece of ribbon or two types of ribbon to add further decoration.  Put the fabrics together and use your pinking shears on the end that you will put the ribbon in.  Place the ribbon in between the fabrics and iron the fabrics together.  Cut around the exterior of the fabrics with your pinking shears to finish them off.  Make sure to finish off the edge of the ribbon by putting it close to a flame.  This will seal the ribbon material so it doesn't fray.  That's it!  Pretty simple and easy!

The original tutorial suggested sewing around the edges of the bookmark.  I tried to do this, but it seemed to be butchering my fabric.  I guess I need a smaller needle for this type of project.

Here are the three finished bookmarks for each teacher.

Now, go through your stash of fabric scraps and make these easy bookmarks for someone special!

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1 comment:

  1. I have tried to sew over Heat 'n' bond but my needle was always sticky. I wonder if that was your problem, too. :)


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