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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tributes to Special Fathers

Read some wonderful tributes to Special Fathers from our readers and ourselves.

From Karla M.:

My favorite memories of my dad all involve him helping me or others. He was a very physical person- not afraid of getting dirty or hard work. When I was in grad school he drove his truck from FL to Chicago to help me move from a 3rd story walk-up to the upper-peninsula of Michigan. He was always a behind the scenes guy doing things that others wouldn't have any interest in doing. Like mowing the grass at church or setting up all the Christmas lights for the christmas stroll through Groveland, FL. He was a great man. He loved my mom so very much and he was a kind father. He was also very generous financially. What's mine is yours- was his attitude. My dad instilled that same spirit of generosity in me.

It is good for me to think about him and be reminded that even though he isn't physically with me his memory dwells close within me.

From Justine T.:
I lost my father almost 15 years ago. (11/3/55-10/14/96) I was only 11 and grew up fast. I was daddy's little girl from the moment I came into this world. I was devastated when my dad died. He died on Columbus Day in 1996. I lived in Rhode Island. If you know New England, fall weather is very crisp. My father was cremated, because he was a fisherman, and always wanted his ashes in the bay. We had a small ceremony with family at a park in my town and threw his ashes in the bay. That night a butterfly came, flew around my head, and flew away. The same thing happened when we all went to the park on my dad's year anniversary. 2 years ago I got married in that park. I had a butterfly released in his honor at the end of the ceremony; however, in the middle of the ceremony, I was startled by something and realized a butterfly had landed on me in the middle of my wedding. I remember looking back at my mom to see if she let one go early and there was just shock and tears in her eyes. I knew it was my dad just stopping by. Although I didn't have a lot of time with him I still have many memories of him. I am stronger as a person because of what I went through when he died. Death is never easy. Every Fathers' Day I think about him and just smile cause I know he is looking down at me and when he wants to say hello he follows me as a butterfly.

From Mary M.:

MUSICAL MEMORIES OF MY FATHER, Carmelo Pietro Marrone (3/29/22-3/4/05)

Music could usually be heard in my parents’ home, the background to conversations and activities. My father really loved it and he enjoyed it loud. My mother, on the other hand, was often heard complaining over the music "Mel, can you turn that down!" Yet, she was the one who came to require hearing aids.

Daddy liked to sing all the time but always when driving. A WWII veteran and career Air Force sergeant, he taught us The Wild Blue Yonder for the Air Force and The Caisson song for the Army. We sang songs from the 40's, but I most liked him to sing the Italian songs from his youth. I still hear his "C’e la luna mezz’o matti, mamma mia maritari" and "Hei Maria" and of course "O Solo Mio". I see him swaying and dancing with the music. He told me that he remembered his parents dancing LaTarantella in their Manhattan tenement as the music of  Caruso played on their Victrola.  Generations removed,  we shared appreciation for our Three Tenors thrilling to their renditions of well- loved songs.

 When he spent a year away in Korea, Daddy sent a turntable and speakers home to us.  I was in the 9th grade and along with my three younger siblings missed my Dad a lot. Listening to the records he had sent was a connection to him. They ranged from the folk songs of Jimmy Rodgers, Debussy’s Clair de Lune, Greensleeves, and Grieg’s Peer Gynt to songs of the sea by Mitch Miller’s chorus. Daddy’s broad taste in music did not, however, extend to tolerance for Elvis Presley or the Beattles and he did not hesitate to voice his disapproval of these.

Singing and dancing with his grandchildren, great- grandchildren and any other little ones who gave him the opportunity were some of Dady's  finest moments.  I was not blessed with his musical talent and have always been pretty inhibited when dancing.  But, when I became a grandmother, I determined to follow his example. I sing and dance with my granddaughters in my arms uncharacteristically refusing to worry about how I look or sound.  I think of him with love, send him a silent thank you and sometimes mix a few tears of joy with ones of sadness wishing he were here to dance with them.

Daddy played his Hohner harmonica quite well. He never had a lesson, but had what we called an ear for music. In his later years, his dog Duke sat at his feet singing his heart out to Daddy’s strains of "Down in the Valley." They were quite a pair and provided us entertainment on many occasions.

In their later years, Daddy and Mama had passes to Busch Gardens so that they could attend the Big Band concerts which they both loved. I imagine that hearing the music of their early years together helped them keep their love alive through almost 60 years of marriage.

When I began writing, I thought a love of music was the greatest legacy my father left us. Now close to tears, I see it was his being truly present for us and sharing of himself that mattered most. Music was only a vehicle.

From Dana M.:

Here is one of my favorite pictures. My husband, Tarik, is a wonderful father to our son Drew. He has been since day one. I am amazed at what just seems to come natural to him. He has a very gentle and loving spirit (of course, I knew this when I married him). But it's great to see it shared with Drew. I love watching them play together and it's fun to come home from work and see what Daddy has taught him. I am so very thankful to be blessed with a wonderful husband, who is an extremely special father.

From Jessica C.:

On February 27th, 1997, I received a phone call from my mom to come home as quick as possible.  When I got home, I found my mom pacing the living room and telling me she knew something terrible had happened.  My aunts were on their way to our house.  My dad and uncles were up in Northern Michigan on a snowmobile trip.  About an hour or so after they arrived we received a life changing phone call.  It was my uncle calling to tell us that my dad had been in a snowmobile accident and didn't make it.  I was 16 years old and just sat there not knowing what to do or think.  Everyone was hysterical and I knew that I had to be the strong person for my sister and my mom.  I stayed strong through the visitation and the funeral and tried to be there for my mom and sister to talk to or cry on my shoulder. 

After everything calmed down a bit all I could think of was who was going to be there for my high school graduation, my college graduation, my wedding, and my children's births.  I was devastated at the thought I would no longer be able to share these special moments in my life with my father.  I would remember all the good and bad times we had together.  Remember I was a teenager full of drama at the time my father passed away so there were bad times.  I would think about all our family vacations, holidays, and traditions we would have.  My favorite memory of my father was every year he would take my sister and I out the weekend after my birthday to cut down our Christmas tree.  I loved having this special time with my dad.  There are so many more memories as well. 

As I grow up, I know that there is no one that could ever take the place of my father.  I know that he is in heaven watching down on me and is so proud of the teacher, mother, and wife I have become.  I think about and miss my dad everyday even after 14 years.   This is a tribute to the greatest man I have ever known, My Dad, Jack Schaub.  (7-4-51 to 2-27-97) I love and miss you every single day.  I will continue to keep your memory alive with our family and your two grandsons.  They both have part of your name to keep your spirit going within them.  Happy Father's Day

Love your daughter,
 Jessica (Schaub) Crump
Austyn Jackson Crump
Jayce Alexander Crump (JAC)

and for Jessica's husband:

I want to take a minute to tell you about my wonderful husband, Andrew Crump.  Since I met him in 2005, we have been pretty much together every day.  We were engaged in 2006 and found out we were going to be parents to our first child.  He has been an awesome father standing by my side during 27 1/2 hours of labor with our son, Austyn.  He was blessed with his first son on Father's Day June 17, 2007.  He has supported me in everything I want to do.  He works day and night to provide for his family.  He blessed me with another son, Jayce in 2009.  Austyn and Jayce adore their daddy and everything about him.  He is our rock and keeps us all together.  We truly love and appreciate all he does for us.  We love you Andrew Crump and hope you enjoy your Father's Day! 

Jessica, Austyn, and Jayce Crump

From Jill:

My Dad with my youngest daughter, Anna

This Father's Day I would like to take a moment to share about my Dad. I've always felt a special bond with my Dad.  I'm his baby girl and from seeing my husband with our baby girl, I know their is something special between Dads and Daughters.  

I am very thankful for my Dad!  He's had a tough life with many ups and downs, but he always made it through a stronger person.  The last five years have been especially tough on him and our family, but I am very proud of how he has humbled himself and transformed who he is.  He has a new confidence and is making a difference in other people's lives.

My Dad and I have very similar personalities.  He understands my drive and my spunk.  He taught me to work hard, stand up for myself and be proud of my accomplishments.  We both wear our thoughts and emotions on our sleeves (and faces).  This is both a blessing and a curse as you always know where we stand and what we are thinking.  

From a young age, my Dad would take me on dates. He would take me out to dinner and let me talk his ears off.  He would smile and laugh at my stories and would patiently nod when I had talked too much.  One thing I've learned from my Dad about parenting is to spend special time with each child as it makes a big impact.  Thanks Dad for our special times!

A recent picture of uur family at my best friend's wedding that Chris officiated.

My husband, Chris is the best Dad.  My three children are very lucky to have such a great Dad.  They will never fully understand all he does for them and how much he loves them.

Chris works hard to provide for our family.  He is a minister so his time is demanded by many people, but he closely guards his time with our family. He makes my job as a Mom much easier.  He is actively involved in our kids' lives.  He spends special time with each child.  I am amazed how he works all day and then comes home to play outside for hours with the boys.  I'm not sure who gets more worn out.

A few years ago, he instituted a new night, called "guys night out," where he took the boys for an evening of fun.  Now that we have Anna he changed it to "kids night out."  He is so thoughtful to let me have some alone time occasionally or a chance to go out with some friends.

Ten years ago, I knew I was marrying a wonderful man that would be a great husband.  I never realized how incredible he would be as a Dad as well.  Thanks honey for all you do for both me and for our family!

From Shannon:

My dad and my youngest daughter, Mariella

My dad is most definitely the kindest man I have ever known. I never recall him saying anything unkind to me. He's always made me feel special and has told me countless times how proud he is of my accomplishments.

My dad is gentle.  He is quiet.  He is honest. He is patient. My dad was a wonderful daddy for me as a child and is a great father for me as an adult.

My dad is now a granddaddy of two little girls. He has been there since they were born. He has loved them, fallen asleep reading to them (while they still played), played with them, cuddled them, and just been there for him.  Some things never change!

I love and appreciate him, more than he could ever imagine!
Happy Fathers' Day to the best Daddy I know!

GraciAnn, John, and Mariella... Father's Day 2010

My husband, John, is a great father to our two girls. He encourages them to take risks (which explains the grey hair sprouting on my head). He enjoys spending time with them. He is loving and affectionate! They adore him. I know it's very important to pick a great dad for your children and I think I did just that!

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