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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Winners of the Little Me Tea Giveaway Are....

If you didn't enter the contest, or you weren't a winner, please look at Little Me Tea's website http://www.littlemetea.com/ (or click on the button in our sidebar) to see all the benefits of this fabulous drink.  The owner of the company, Melinda Hicks, is so well educated and passionate about helping others find great health. Don't think this drink is just for children.  Yes, it is marketed as a drink for kids but the benefits, for everyone, are tremendous.

Now... for the winners.... six of you get to try Little Me Tea for free!  If you didn't win, I STRONGLY recommend trying the drink.  It's delicious and better yet, HEALTHY. Congratulations to:

73. Mary said...

I like OSD on FB.


62. Natalie said...
I now follow your blog. :D

26. Jen Fobart said...

I am most impressed by LMT's low sugar content and that it's certified organic. (And the fact that it's made by a local company in Lawrenceville, even though that's not on the chart!)



11. Kendall said...
I am not sure what you want for the benefits, but I saw this: Nature. Inside that little green leaf is a host of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. And because tea is made with water, it's also hydrating. Personally I like that it is low in sugar because my mom, dad and myself are diabetic. I know that my children have a high chance of being diabetic.

Winners, please email us with your addresses and we'll pass the information to Little Me Tea!
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