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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Great Thing-An Ice Shaver!

Many years ago, I bought this beautiful contraption from Pampered Chef. The bad news is Pampered Chef doesn't sell them anymore. The good news is there are MANY available on ebay and other sites. If you don't have one... get one!
Here's the beauty!

Here's a batch of watermelon lemonade I mixed up.  I used the blender to blend fresh watermelon chunks with lemonade concentrate and water (to taste). Pampered Chef included these great little containers to make your ice.
Here's the watermelon lemonade ice block.  I stick it in the shaver...

I shave into the bowl...
...and my girls have a delicious, healthy treat when it's 100 degrees outside. It's perfect!

There are MANY recipes you can create!
Here's my version of a Frappacino. I took weak decaf coffee, mixed it with some milk, and some of my husband's french vanilla coffee creamer and yum!

Seriously, the options are endless: chocolate or strawberry milk, a carton of yogurt, any beverage.  My ice shaver is certainly a GREAT THING! If you can't track down a Pampered Chef one, maybe you can try one from WalMart or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They are great during these warm months!

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  1. I have my bid in on Ebay! Hope I win it. It' s a new one in the box!

  2. I got my ice shaver today in the mail. Bring on the recipes! :o)


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