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Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby Cocoon & Hat

I just love it when I am in the right place at the right time.  That is exactly what happened the other day.  I was on Facebook, like I am most evenings and Betsy of The Dainty Daisy was looking for a few crochet pattern testers.  I completely lucked out and was one of the first people to comment.

I didn't know what I would be making but I had the supplies that she requested.  I was beyond excited when I got an email with the pattern to test after about an hour.  I didn't have any patterns for a baby cocoon and here I got one for free to test!  Yippee for me!  To make it even better, the cocoon was rippled. I just love ripples!

The name of the pattern that I tested is the Under the Sea Baby Cocoon.  Betsy did a great job writing up the pattern as it was very easy to understand and easy to make as well.  I made both the cocoon and hat in an evening.  This pattern isn't on her etsy yet, but here is Betsy's picture of her cocoon.  You will also want to check out her blog and her etsy for more details.

I wanted to make mine for a little girl.  I don't have a friend with a young baby girl that could use this, but I figured I would soon or I would put this up on our etsy store.  I used my favorite yarn "I love this Yarn" from Hobby Lobby in white and Pizazz Pink.  Since mine didn't really go with the Under the Sea theme, I added one of my favorite flower clips to the hat.  Below are pictures of both the hat and the cocoon by themselves.

I really like how they turned out and also for the chance to score a free pattern.  Thanks so much Betsy!  Go check out her other patterns and like her on facebook so that you can have a chance to test patterns as well.

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Asbsolutely adorable - love the ripples.

  2. I bought the under the sea pattern thinking it was going to be this one. The cocoon would be the same only with color changes, but my main disappointment was that there was no pattern for the hat as illustrated here. Can I get that pattern please, as the cocoon is finished? Thanks.

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. Preparing for the move really got me bogged down. This pattern is not my own. I tested it for a great designer, The Dainty Daisy. I just checked her site and the hat is included in the pattern. Now, the flower is not part of the pattern. I added that myself. If you are interested in the flower, email me and I will send you a link to get the flower. Sorry about the confusion. I hope that helps! Again, I apologize for the delay! ~jill


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