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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY Light Box

Back in April I found a very easy tutorial on how to make a light box from Cheri Quite Contrary.  I've had it on my to do list ever since.  It was a pretty high priority item, but I just never got around to it.  Well, my husband threatened to throw out all the cardboard boxes that I have cluttering the garage so I knew I must conquer this item before it was too late.

This is a super easy project that costs next to nothing and it makes a huge difference!

Please excuse the messy table that surrounds my new light box.

Here is my supply list and the price breakdown:

  • Tissue paper - free (already had it in my gift stash)
  • Pampers Box - free (well sort of)
  • Hot Glue, Glue gun & Scissors (both on hand)
  • Art paper - Cheri suggested Bristol paper, but I found a larger white art paper for $1.69 and then 30% off this week.
  • 3 Office Clip on Lamps - on sale at Target last week for $5.99.  You don't need the clip on they were just the cheapest.
  • 1 inexpensive FujiFilm Camera (already had)

For $20, I have an awesome light box that helps me take fabulous pictures.  Don't believe me, check out the difference below.

Here are two pictures that I took without the light box.  The first is with my flash on and the second is with the flash off.  Both pictures aren't the best.

Now I took my crocheted flower hair clip and put it in the light box.  What a difference!

Nothing is competing in the background now and the color is much truer to the actual.  Sometimes the flash can really distort the color without a light box.

I am so very happy to have the light box now.  I think it will make my pictures look a ton better.  If you have a blog or a shop, I highly suggest making a light box to help enhance your photos.

Since I was making one, I thought, "why not make two?"  Now Shannon will have one as well.  I hope that our pictures will be much more enjoyable and professional looking for you!

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  1. Haha.... that's Jill's subtle way of telling me that my pictures stink! I can't wait to get the light box to make a difference. Thanks, Jill!

  2. Oh no, Shannon. I didn't mean that at all. I just meant we would be taking even better pictures.


  3. Great job Jill!

    I have that same tutorial saved, all my materials gathered, and similar procrastination issues. Maybe you will get me inspired to get my box in gear! ;)

    Kathy @ http://someofthesethingsblog.blogspot.com/


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