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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I tried something new again and this time it is making mittens.  A lady from church asked me to make a pair of mittens.  She had a friend who crochets that was making them, but couldn't figure out the pattern.  I gladly took on the challenge.  If you haven't figured me out yet, I love a challenge.

I've made two pairs of mittens lately. Both are from free patterns, which is even better!

I'm going to show my favorite pattern first, as it worked up beautifully!

A google search for mitten patterns gave me a bunch to choose from.  This was by far a fantastic pattern.  Many of the patterns called for bulky yarn or a specialty yarn.  What I really loved about this pattern was it was simple to make (basic single crochet) and it used worsted weight yarn (which I have plentiful amounts of).

Here are the toddler size mittens I made in gray.  I made these for a friend's daughter so she would have matching mittens with her new winter coat.

Here is a sample picture from the creator of the pattern:
If you like the look of this mitten, you can find the pattern here.

The other pattern I made for the lady at church.  The yarn that she had with the mittens wasn't the yarn that was called for in the pattern.  This yarn was lighter than worsted weight and the original pattern calls for Lionbrand Homespun which is a category 5, bulky.

The pattern calls for mostly double crochet stitches.  Since this is a wider stitch it made the mittens have large holes when worn.  Mittens aren't that great if you get cold in them.  If you have the right yarn, I am sure this works up as a great pattern as well.  I just prefer the one above.  Here is a link to the pattern for the mittens below.

Here is a picture of it made with the right yarn from Lionbrand.

If you like to crochet and want to try out mittens, try out these easy mitten patterns!

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