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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Personalized Signs Made with Vinyl

I really enjoy making personalized gifts. I think it's extra special to give someone something made just for them. Here are a few of the signs I've made recently.

Aria's room is pink, green, and "rainbow colors" and is decorated with woodland creatures, with a focus on owls. Here's the sign I created for her 5th birthday.

This sign was made for the Assistant in my daughter's class. Her favorite color is blue. After painting a board blue, I mod podged it with blue paper.  I then added white vinyl lettering to finish the sign. To hang it, I drilled holes in the board and added a ribbon.

Aiden loves soccer.  I made him this sign, for his room, as a 4th birthday present. I cut the ball and his name from vinyl.  I had to paint the outline of the ball.

We have another friend named Aiden that just turned 3.  He loves airplanes so I painted this sign for him.  I cut the stencil with vinyl but the actual letters and plane are painted.

At this point, I've made over 30 signs for gifts so far. There are many more in my future. Let me know if you'd like me to make one for you!
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