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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holiday Gifts that I made

It is almost the end of January and I just getting around to sharing all the Christmas gifts I made for family and friends.

As some of you read, I decided at Thanksgiving to do a Handmade Christmas.  Take my advice, don't start as late as I did!  I actually think I will start soon on gifts for this next year so that I am not stressed making gifts versus enjoying the holiday season.

Surprisingly though, I got all the gifts finished, a few shortly after Christmas but who doesn't like a surprise gift!  Check out all the gifts I made.

Back in the Fall, my Mom visited and gave me a bunch of mirrors and frames.  One of the frames she handed me and said, "Please make me a monogram frame like yours."  I loved this as my Mom is very hard to buy for.  Anytime she gives an idea, I will take her up on it.  In case you missed it, here is my monogrammed picture frame.  My mom wanted the same colors as well.  Sorry for the pictures, without the flash it was too dark and with it there was a light spot.

Here is the picture without the exterior of the frame so you don't see the light spot, but it is a bit dark.

My mother-in-law loves red and when she looked through my pattern book, she found a scarf that she liked and asked me to make it.  I found the pattern here.  I am not in love with how it turned out so I tweaked it for the other scarves that I made.  I think they stretched the scarf a ton for the pattern picture.
Here is the scarf I made her:
It was all single crochet and was in the back loops.  Neither of which are my favorite.

I also made my mother-in-law one of my Easter Egg Wreaths.  She saw it last year and really liked it.  Like my mother, when she gives an idea, I write it down and remember it for the next time I need a gift.

I made another scarf out of the same red (Hometown Cincinnati Red) for my friend Michelle.  I did single crochet again, but made it longer and crocheted through both loops.  I like the look of it much better.

I made two more scarves for my husband's Aunt Jan and for a family friend that we lovingly call Aunt Ruth.  This time I went back to my favorite stitch and did the scarf in half double crochets.  In the future, I will make this scarf again. Maybe I will even have time to make myself one!
This one was for Aunt Jan and is made out of Hometown cream.  It matches her purple floral cloche with the cream flower that I made her.

I made the one for Aunt Ruth from Joann's Sumptuous Green.  I love this color!  I didn't have a chance to make Aunt Ruth a hat before Christmas, but I asked her what color she would like.  It doesn't match her scarf as she wanted red, but it is pretty nonetheless.

I still have quite a few Christmas gifts to share with you, but I am waiting on some pictures from those who received the gifts!  (No Pressure!)  I also have a fantastic recipe to share with you for Plum Jam, that I canned for my Dad's Christmas gift.

More to come!

What handmade gifts did you make for Christmas?

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