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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lion Hat

A couple months back a friend of mine sent me a picture from Pinterest of a newborn Lion Hat.  She asked if I would be able to make one for a friend of hers that was having a baby.  I found the perfect pattern for the Lion hat here and got busy on it.

My friend was nice enough to send me a professional picture of the newborn in the Lion Hat.  He is just a precious little one.

Here is a closeup of the hat without a cute little model.  I love how this one turned out and plan to add it to my shop in a couple of weeks.  Until then you can find it on my facebook page.

If you have anything that you would like me to make, send me a picture or tell me what you are looking for and I would be glad to make it!

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  1. Just a question about your adding this adorable hat to your shop. I am not judging, but isn't it copyrighted and therefore you may not sell the finished item. I would like to knit and sell items, but I haven't ventured into designing and have just a few patterns that allow one to knit the items and sell for a profit. (Some let you sell for charity.)

    1. Sorry for the delay in my reply. The move got me off track on replying to comments. Each pattern designer is different so you really need to check with them prior to purchasing a pattern. Most pattern designers allow you to sell items made from the pattern, but you cannot copy or sell any part of the actual pattern. I made the mistake of purchasing some patterns from a designer that wouldn't allow you to sell your made items. I won't make that mistake as I just wasted money. The lion hat was made from one of my favorite designers, Inner Hooker. She allows you to sell the items you make from her patterns. I hope that helps you. If you need some names of great pattern designers, I can send you my favorites! ~Jill


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