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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Photo Board Tutorial

As we tried to settle into our new house, I noticed that I had many walls that needed to be filled.  I always like to display pictures.  Not every picture can go in a frame though.  That is why I like to make photo boards that match my decor.

Prior to our move, my husband's Uncle gave us a large black entertainment center to go in our family room.  Since our family room and kitchen share space, I had to be selective with my decor items.  I had a photo board that was in cobalt blue to match my kitchen and dining room.  This doesn't match black, so I had to find a pretty fabric that would be a nice fit for our family room.  I went to my go to store, Hobby Lobby, and found the perfect print.  I also picked up some burgundy/red ribbon for holding the pictures.

Enough talking about the photo board, let me show you how to make one for yourself.  Don't be scared by this project.  It is very easy to make and you get to use a power tool (sort of).

Here is my board without any photos on it yet.  I need to unpack those still!

Photo Board Tutorial

  • 3 by 2 foot board (I had a cork board that I used, but you can essentially use any size or piece of wood).
  • 3 1/4 by 2 1/4 foot quilt batting (any loft)
  • 1.5 yards of fabric
  • 3 to 4 spools of ribbon (about 3 yards of ribbon on each)
  • Staple Gun & Staples
Find a nice big flat surface to work on.  I find the floor to be the best to do this on.  I've made at least 10  between ones for myself and gifts.  I have become a pro!
I used a leftover cork board that I had, but you can use any piece or size of wood that you would like.

Lay out your batting and place your board on top of it.  Trim the edges if necessary.  You want the batting to fit around to the backside of your board.  Remove the board and cut your fabric to the same dimensions as your batting.  Place the right side of your fabric to the floor, top with your batting and then place your board on top.

Grab your loaded staple gun and fold over the long side of your fabric to the backside.  I alternate stapling horizontally and vertically so the fabric doesn't pull awkwardly.  Switch to the other long side and pull your fabric tightly (but not too tight, you don't want it to sag) and staple down.

When you get to the short sides, I like to fold over the fabric and then make a tight fold the other way.  It's like you are making a nice tight sheet corner.  Then staple a couple of times to secure the fold.  Finish by stapling the remainder of the side.

Now it is time to start with the ribbon.  You want to start at a corner and staple to the backside. 

 Stretch the ribbon tightly to the opposite corner and staple down on the backside.

Space out your next ribbon placement to your preference.  I did mine about every 3 inches.  I didn't measure each time, I just eyeballed it.  Remember to pull tightly each time.  This will give your pictures a snug place to sit.

Continue stapling down your ribbon until you have one direction completed.  When you are ready to start the other direction, you will want to start at the opposite corner.  Instead of placing the ribbon across those that are already on your board, you will want to weave it under and over the ribbon to the other corner.  Then pull tightly and staple to the backside.  Repeat this process until your have ribbon covering your board completely.

This is what your board will look like when it is finished.  If you find that your pictures are sliding between the ribbon, you can place a colored push pin at the crosses of the ribbon.

I placed my photo board on the backside of my cabinets over my breakfast bar.  It makes for a great place to show off pictures.  Now it is time to unpack pictures to get on the photo board!

I hope you find this tutorial helpful and that you can make one for yourself or for a gift!

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  1. Nice. This is a fave project of mine, and I always slow down to gawk when somebody else is showing one off. There truly are so many flavors to come up with and ribbon + fabric is a truly yummy combo.


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