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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Roadside Find

I'm sorry I haven't posted lately.  The summer has been overwhelming to me with still settling into the house, organizing, t-ball, church activities, meetings and on and on.  I am still trying to figure out that delicate balance and unfortunately, crafting and blogging have hit the back burner.  That might all change when you see what I found the other day. . .

I am not a garbage picker.  I just find that yucky.  I wish I was a garage sale person, but inevitably I always have all three kids with me when I see a good garage sale.  I find that it just isn't worth getting three young kids out of the car to potentially find a good bargain.

The other day while on our way to church for a splash day with the kids, I saw what I knew would be my first garage pick.  On the road out of our neighborhood, someone had put two wingback chairs on the curbside.  Oh, my heart started to beat faster.  I love wingback chairs and our budget doesn't have new furniture in it at all.  I knew I could work my crafting magic on this duo.

I delivered my children to the splash park and gingerly (ha, yeah right!) ran to my husband with true kid over-excitement.  I asked if I could go pick up these two chairs.  I might have even uttered pretty pretty please!  With a roll of the eyes, the husband said yes (as long as he didn't have take part in it).  I grabbed his keys and off with the SUV to get my score.

Thankfully, there were no other crazy DIYers out that morning as MY chairs were still there!  I loaded them up and dropped them the fourth of a mile back at our garage.

I posted the above picture of my finds on my personal Facebook the other day and boy did I create a firestorm.  When I lived in the south we didn't really have to worry about bed bugs too much.  Well, I guess this area is prone to them for some reason.  I had to reassure everyone that these chairs on not in my house yet.  They are sitting in my very hot garage at the moment.  Thankfully, that means any pesky bugs or pests will be killed by the heat.  Whew!

I am looking forward to ripping off the fabric, giving these a good thorough cleaning and making them beautiful.  Stay tuned and I will share my progress and how they turn out!

Off to fabric shop!

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  1. Those are awesome!!!! Wingbacks are so cool. Can't wait to see them redone! What a great find!

  2. I would've done the same thing! But I still live in the south!!!

  3. I saw on pinterest where they painted the fabric and it was beautiful! Take a steamer and give them a good cleaning and you should be good.


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