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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sparkle Wreath Tutorial

For an earlier giveaway I made a Sparkle Wreath.  Now I want to share how easy it is to make one of your own.  You can make it with any garland of your choosing.

Supplies Needed:
2-3 Nine feet sections of garland
1 small foam wreath

I found both of these supplies at the Dollar Tree.  That means if you buy 3 garlands and the foam wreath, you just spent $4 on your Holiday wreath!

Take your garland and tie it around your foam wreath.  It doesn't have to be really tight, just enough to stay while you wrap the garland.
Wrap the garland around the wreath and push it snug to the other garland as you go.  You can get away with less garland but you may have gaps.  I liked using about 2 1/2 of the garlands for a thick wreath.
When you are finished fully wrapping the garland, tuck the end under a previous piece.  Voila!  A simple, easy yet elegant wreath. 
Since it is a small wreath, you can also use it on a tabletop as a candle holder or centerpiece.  The wreath is  red and silver, so you could even use this for Valentine's Day decorations.

I'm a huge University of Kentucky fan so I made a wreath for March Madness.  While I wait for March, it looks nice in my dining room with my cobalt decorations.

Head out and get your inexpensive foam wreath and garland for a great gift or decoration!

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