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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Busy Day Crafting-A Tutorial, Sort of....

My Goal Today:  Make 6 Photo Boards and 2 Subway Art Boards...
This is what I started with.

Then there's this.... my little cling on!

All right, so I've begun. I picked out my papers for each board. Picking out papers is always time consuming for me.  To be honest, I picked out the papers last week.  This project just got pushed back due to me being distracted by a daunting paint job: my girls' playroom.  It's a scary room to paint.  (More on that soon!)

My cute, little entertainer!

And the board painting begins. I stain/paint the backs of the board, the sides, and the edges of the front.

Mariella's thinking, "There must be something more entertaining outside.  Mommy's boring me today!"

All 8 boards are painted or stained. Here are the fronts...

...and backs.
At this point in the process, crafting comes to a screeching hault!  I have to pick GraciAnn up from school.  Then, I have to get the girls down for their not naps.  Then, John comes home and he offers to help finish painting the playroom... I'm not turning that down.  So, off I go to paint.  Get the girls up from their not naps, make dinner, clean up after dinner, work on laundry, play with kids, attempt to clean playroom, get stuff ready for baths, give baths, and get girls in bed.

The girls are in bed and I'm back!  I cut the paper slightly smaller than the boards.  This makes the paper blend nicely into the board. (My boards measure 12"x18" so I'm trimming off maybe 1/16" maybe 1/8")

Because the boards are 18" wide, my 12" scrapbook paper doesn't fit. So, I have to add another piece.  I like making this transition by tearing the paper.  I turn the paper over and tear it toward me.  This gives a really nice effect.  Some papers are easy to match up and you can make a seam that blends in unnoticeably, but I've found most don't work that easily so, I either tear or clean cut.

All my paper is placed on the board that was painted or stained to match it.

Now comes the mod podge.  I pour some on.

Now, I spread it out using a foam brush.  I make an even layer.  When you mod podge, make sure you cover the entire surface with the mod podge. It should be a nice even layer, not too thin, not too thick. Put your paper on, and smooth it out with a roller or your hands.

Phew... all 8 boards have the paper mod podged to them.  Unfortunately, bubbles occur.  I haven't found a way to avoid them.  I have noticed that the lighter weight papers bubble a lot more than the heavy papers.  Honestly, the bubbles, which make the paper appear wrinkled, look neat on many of the boards.  If you're making them, and trying to stay away from the bubbles, choose heavier papers.

After letting the first layer of mod podge (between the board and back of the paper) dry about 30 minutes (or more), apply an even coat of mod podge to the entire surface of the paper that covers the board.  Again, not too thin or too thick.

You will see a white film over the paper until it dries.

All 8 boards are completely mod podged... it's 9:30 pm and I'm done crafting for the day!

Sadly, I did not reach my crafting goal today.  Happily.... our playroom is completely painted... woohoo! Tomorrow, I will finish these boards... I think I can.  I think I can.  I know I will!  I've just got to.  I have too many projects to do. Something has to be checked off my crafting list!

Tune in for the completed projects tomorrow!  Exciting stuff!
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  1. Entertaining as well as educational! I would love those pics in an album on FB.


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