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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crocheted Baby Blankets

I learned to crochet when I was a little girl from my Great Grandmother.  As I grew up, I forgot how to crochet.  I picked up a book to teach myself about 12 years ago.  Since then, I have made over 50 baby blankets!

One of the few handmade items that I remember from my childhood was a crocheted baby blanket.  A family friend made it for me before I was born.  I loved it so much my parents had to lose(put it at the top back corner of my closet) so that I wouldn't carry it around anymore.  Since I was so fond of mine, I try to make special blankets for the new babies of my friends and family. 

While I am catching up on shows at night, I like to crochet.  It is mindless and I feel like I am still getting something accomplished.  The problem is I am a procrastinator and also easily distracted.  The blanket I finished today is for a friend due any day now.  I thought she wasn't due till February!  I had to rush to get it finished, but I also got distracted with looking at other crafts.  Maybe my New Year's Resolution should be to focus on one thing at a time and not procrastinate.  We will see how that works out (note sarcasm).

Here is the one I just finished (finally!) today for a friend.  It is by far my favorite one of all time.  I got the pattern from a great book (borrowed from library and then ordered from Amazon) called Undercover:  60 Afghans to knit and crochet. I will probably be making this one much more often.  Maybe a large one for myself!
I love the scalloping throughout.
The scalloped edging makes it beautiful!
I made this with my new favorite yarn. It's called, I Love This Yarn. It is super soft and very nice to work with. I can only find it at Hobby Lobby so far and it never goes on sale!  Luckily, I can use a 40% off on it! The pictures look somewhat gray, but the color is more of a soft denim.  The official name is 96/Stonewash.

Prior to this blanket, I did just a simple pattern that I created.  If you want mindless, you've got it! Here it is:

Simple Afghan Pattern (pictured below)
Chain 103.
*Double Crochet in the third chain from the hook.
Double Crochet in every chain till the end of your row.*
Chain three.  Turn.  Repeat above in *'s till you have 80 rows of double crochet.  Add any border of your choosing.
This pattern can be used with any crochet hook size and any type of yarn.  Very versatile!
Pretty Pink Blanket
My nephew's blanket, he won't sleep without it!
Made this for Shannon's Mariella
This was a popular color this year.  Made it for two friends and my sweet Anna.
I have another blanket to work on soon, but before then, I am going to work on some other fun projects.  Be on the lookout for those!

Did you or your children love a handmade blanket?  Do you make something handmade for baby gifts?  I would love to hear about your favorites!  Give me some comment love!

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  1. This new crochet pattern would make a beautiful sweater. Your sister will take one in "stonewash". :o) Beautiful work.

  2. Very nice! I, too, learned to crochet when I was about 10 years old. I was born and raised out in the country and actually went to a 4 room school for all of my elementary school years. Once a week, an elderly couple would come to our school for an hour and the wife taught the girls how to crochet while the husband taught the boys basic woodworking. She didn't know how to read patterns, just taught us what her mother and grandmother had taught her. I eventually taught myself how to read and follow patterns and have made several afghans and things over the years. I love your new pattern ~ it closely resembles one of my favorite, quick to stitch up baby afghan patterns. I usually take a slim ribbon in a contrasting color and thread it all along the outer edges of my afghan and then tie it in a simple bow on each corner. It justs add a finishing touch and looks very pretty! You do nice work and I love your Stonewash color!
    Enjoy your week!

  3. Thanks Donna! I will have to do the ribbon trick. That is a really nice touch. Thanks for sharing the tip!

  4. That is absolutely beautiful! I just learned to crochet a couple of months ago, think I'll go look for that book. What was the pattern called?

  5. Thanks Pati! Definitely check out that book. It has some great patterns in it. The name of the pattern I used was Shell Crochet Baby Blanket.

  6. My mother crocheted a baby blanket for both of my boys. My youngest has a scalloped one like the gray one above. I LOVE them. I wish I knew how to crochet, but she is left handed and I am right, and everything she did was upside down and backward from me. It made for difficult learning. Although, I can make a heck of a snake chain!!! :o)

  7. I was just studying one of my little girls baby blankets that my aunt made her. I always do a DC or similar stitch, but this was 'shelled' and looks like your scalloped one. Love it. I'm going to have to look that one up!

  8. Oh how beautiful!! :o) I am just learning to crochet and looking so forward to trying the instructions you have on your post. :o)
    Drop by anytime. :o)
    Have a lovely week.
    Sincerely, Trish

  9. Hi Jill, I love that baby blanket, my daughter in love is expecting end of May, will make one for her..how many skeins of yarn did it use?? will use a soft baby yarn, we don't have hobby lobby out here, just Joann's.


  10. Barb-thanks for the comment! She will love this blanket! The pattern calls for 10 skeins of 3 1/2 ounce yarn. I used 3 1/2 skeins of 7 ounce yarn. I didn't make it quite as long as I don't know a baby that is 48 inches long! That would easily fit my 4 year old. Let me know how it turns out!

  11. Very pretty!!! I enjoy crocheting and once I graduate nursing school in May, I plan to get back at it with a vengance =)

  12. I love to crochet to! Your baby gift came out really nice. Can't wait to see more.

  13. I hear you about procrastination and getting distracted by other projects! That's a major weekness for me, too. I love that scalloped blanket. I'll have to check if our library has that book. Of course, we don't have a Hobby Lobby around here. Boo!
    My favorite go-to baby gift has been the same for years: a flannel receiving blanket with a crocheted edge. I've done all different types of edges. I figure you can never have too many of those type of blankets.

  14. That baby blanket looks soooo comfortable! Loving the color and the pattern. Great job, the receiver of this gift will definitely enjoy it!

  15. Gorgeous! I'm a knitter, but one day I'd like to learn to crochet. Thanks for linking these up!

  16. I love this pattern and the color too. It reminds me of a scarf I made myself! :) http://envirocraftiness.blogspot.com/2010/08/project-satisfaction.html

  17. I just started to teach myself to crochet using online videos. So far the only thing I can consistently make are flowers. I love the scallops in the blanket they make it so pretty.

  18. Love your talent! thank you for sharing :D

  19. Thanks for all the kind words ladies! Glad you all liked the blankets!

  20. Wow! As a non-crocheter, I am envious! Great job! Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  21. I too am a non-crocheter, and I love this. I just might have to try and see how I do!

    Thanks for linking up to Fantastic Friday, I cannot wait to see what else you have for this week!

  22. so pretty. I love to crochet but haven't made a blanket yet. maybe that will be next on my list.

  23. These blankets are beautiful! I'll have to try some of them. :)

    And you can only find I Love This Yarn at Hobby Lobby because it is Hobby Lobby's brand of yarn.


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