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Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Subway Art Mailboxes

I wanted to make my kids mailboxes for a new Valentine's Day tradition.  I want to leave them special love notes and goodies.  I found plain red mailboxes at Target for $1 each.
I started to design a few words to put on the mailbox, when I came across Kaysi's subway art design for a mailbox on her blog Keeping it Simple.  I asked her if she would share her file and she was nice enough to send it to me!  She is super nice and did a fantastic job with the design!  I completely believe you should work smarter not harder.  Why not utilize the talents of others versus racking your brain trying to do it yourself.  Thank again, Kaysi!

Once I had the vinyl cut out, I applied transfer tape and scraped it good so the letters would adhere.
Then I peeled off the paper backing and applied it to my mailbox.  Scrape it good so you can peel off the transfer tape

Here are my finished mailboxes.  I personalized each mailbox for my kids.  I also added a heart to the lid so that it would be decorative from all sides.
I can't wait to write my little sweeties a love note for Valentine's Day!  I hope they enjoy a new tradition!

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  1. These are great! I love them.

  2. Very cute! I want to do those next year, I never got around to it this year!



  3. What a sweet gesture, for sure your kids will remember this throughout their lives. The mailboxes are so cute:)


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