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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Amy's Post-An Awesome, Interchangeable Wreath, ready for the 4th of July

Our dear friend Amy made an incredible wreath and we've encouraged her to do a guest blog about it! Amy's inspiration was from  here . I saw this wreath and thought it was precious.  So, I shared it with Amy and then forgot about it.  Well, she didn't forget... read on and see how she turned this into her own masterpiece. Thank you, Amy!  We're glad you're a fellow crafter!

I cut a 2" strip of burlap, from a huge piece. I'm not sure how long the strip ended up being.

I wrapped it around a straw wreath that was still wrapped in plastic. I used my glue gun to secure the bitter end to the wreath and started wrapping, slightly overlapping the edges, trying to keep the edges parallel...(that's my OCD coming out...)

I picked out these two scrapbook papers and 3 different sized stars at Hobby Lobby. I traced the stars on the back of the scrapbook paper and cut them out.

 I like using the "gloss-lustre" Mod Podge.

I used it to "glue" the scrapbook paper to the wooden stars. Then when it dried, I painted on a nice thick coat, until it almost looked white.  I found that the thickness of the Mod-Podge kind of helped save my wreath, as I had it hanging on my front door during several of our crazy thunder storms! 

Using my glue gun and Scotch Velcro tape, I created 3 clusters of stars.
Again, the OCD kicking in, I did a pattern with the stars & stripes patterns.
First, I stacked & hot glued the stars in their 3 clusters.
Once they were dry I positioned them on the wreath to space the clusters out.

Next I cut 1" strips of the Velcro tape. I glue gunned the hook&loop piece onto the back of each star cluster & then I glued it's catch piece onto the wreath. 
The great thing about using the Velcro tape is that now I can make other clusters and change out the theme for the wreath as the seasons change!

Here are some patterned paper and flowers for a future wreath!

I traced the pattern on the backside of the paper.

...and cut the shape out... you know the drill... next comes the Mod Podge and gluing the shapes in clusters.  Fun stuff!

Happy 4th of July!
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