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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthday Decorations

It's birthday week at our house!  My husband's big day is right around the corner.  I get our birthday decorations out a week before each birthday. Here are the decorations I have, so far... I'm always on the lookout for more to add to my collection!
This is a photoboard I created. I'll stick birthday pictures, of the birthday person, on the board the week of their birthday.
Here's a tutorial for making a photoboard:

Here's the balloon wreath I created last year, thanks to HowDoesShe! I have no idea how they made their beautiful wreath with only 144 balloons. I used more than twice that.
Here's the tutorial for the birthday wreath:

This is another HowDoesShe birthday decoration. It's a countdown to the birthday board. You simply pop a balloon for each day before the birthday.  As a bonus, you add a slip of paper to each balloon, with a special treat for the day. For example: a stop at the ice cream shop.
Here's the tutorial for the birthday board:

Yet another great HowDoesShe birthday decoration. This is a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday all week!
Here's their tutorial:

Here's a door mat I made with a 99 cent IKEA door mat.
This is the simple tutorial:

Birthdays are BIG deals that should be celebrated as such.  If you have any fabulous birthday ideas, please share them with us!
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  1. That is so great about the all week celebrations, I love the different ideas, great job, Happy Birthday to your DH!


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