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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Freezer Paper Stenciled Onesies-A Great Baby Gift

The baby boom continues.  I have five sweet girls, that have just had babies, or are about to have babies.  I've been very busy making baby gifts for them. I had every intention of making a bundle of five gifts.  These five gifts would include the adorable Fancy Burp Cloths and Dressed Up Wipe Cases, but I just never got that far and I thought the moms could use the gifts before their babies are high school graduates.  I did make them each a Birth Announcement Sign, a Please Knock Sign, and a Freezer Paper Stenciled Onesie.

Here are the gifts I made for sweet Lindsey and her son, Micah.

Here are the gifts I made Heather and her precious boy, Chevy.

Here is Trish and Trinity's gift pack.

I still have 2 more gift packs to finish.  One, just had her baby.  One is due next month and isn't even finding out the baby's gender yet.  Wow!  That's patience! But, they'll get their packages too!

Personalizing onesies is so easy!  All you need is a the onesie, fabric paint, a paintbrush, freezer paper, an exacto knife (and/or a cutting machine), an iron, and the image(s) you want on your item.

Using a Cricut machine, I cut out a cute little crab and the name "Micah".  I then positioned it on the onesie and ironed it on.  It's important to use high heat when ironing.  Make sure your steam setting is off.  Also, place another piece of uncut freezer paper on inside the onesie shiny side up.  This helps the freezer papers bond to the material better and keeps the paint from leaking through to the back of the onesie.
Here is another, more detailed tutorial: Freezer Paper Stenciling.

For Chevy's onesie, I found an image online.  I printed it on my printer and traced it on the freezer paper.  I then cut the image out with my exacto knife.  Because I wanted the outline effect, I traced and cut out two images.  The inner bowtie and the outlined bowtie. First, I ironed on the inner bowtie.  I made sure to save the cut out part too.  I needed it for the next step.

Okay, so here's the first painting of the three onesies.  If you notice, Chevy's onesie only has the gold part of the bowtie done. I decided to wait on painting his name until I did the outline of the bowtie, since they'd be black.

This is what they looked like when I removed the outer freezer paper. I kept the inner freezer paper in place since I wasn't finished with the details.

Here's where I'm adding the details.  you can see that I've ironed on freezer paper over the crab, bowtie, and deer. The crab and deer have faces cut out.  The gold bowtie is completely covered and the larger, stencil is around it, to add detail. Using my black fabric paint, I painted again.

The black's been painted!
Here's a close up of the sweet deer on Trinity's. The black mouth and eye are so cute.  I also bedazzled a nose on the deer for a little bling.  I added a ribbon to the top of the deer's head too.

I made a matching alligator clip bow.  I simply covered an alligator clip in the ribbon (using a hot glue gun) and glued on a bow.

All done!

I love the way the bowtie turned out on Chevy's.

Micah's crab looks so much cuter with that little face.

Three of the five packages are complete! Personalized baby gifts are so much fun to make. Maybe next time I'll get it together to add all five pieces.  I may even get really brave and make a sling like Jill did here: Baby Sling Tutorial
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