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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pray Picture Frame Tutorial

The other day while browsing Pinterest, I found a great metal board that had "Pray" on it.  I loved the idea so I decided to come up with something similar that used up some of my on hand items.  Here is what I made.

I loved this idea of having a board to post our prayers.  I think it is really important for our children to know who and what we need to pray for and also contribute to those prayers.  My oldest son would give me three boards full and I just love that.  I want him to know that praying is the most powerful thing he can do!

Since I didn't have a pretty metal board like the one I saw on Pinterest, I started thinking about what I had in our basement.  I found this old long picture frame that we used to have in our living room. I am over the lighthouses and trying to change over my decor.

My first idea was to buy a piece of sheet metal and have it cut to fit in the frame.  After shopping at Lowe's, I realized that sheet metal is expensive!  No sense spending $25 for a piece of sheet metal!

Then I settled on getting a piece of burlap for behind the glass.  I took out the backing and threw away the lighthouse print.

Measure the backing and cut the burlap to fit snuggly in the frame.  I didn't hot glue the burlap to the backing as it was easy to fit in without it shifting.

Then I cut the word "Pray" out on black vinyl using my Silhouette.  I wanted the wording to be on the inside so that it wouldn't easily peel off or get messed up.  To do this you want to transform your letters horizontally.  This will cause it to be cut backwards and the adhesive part of the vinyl will stick to the inside of the glass.

I used my transfer tape and scraper to lift up the vinyl.

Then I cleaned my glass and used the transfer tape to place it on the glass. If you have problems with the vinyl adhering at first, use your scraper to push down the letters as you pull back the tape.

Once the letters were on, I placed the glass back in the frame and covered it with the burlap and then backing.

You can use a traditional dry erase marker, but it doesn't always show up.  Also, it is easy to wipe off and since I have three little ones, I didn't want to re-write it every day.  I used a black Chalk-Ink Marker. This marker works on glass and chalkboards.  You just use water and a paper towel to remove any writing.  I've only found them at Michael's so far.  This is what I use on my menu board as well.

I am really pleased with how this turned out and that it only cost me the price of a yard of burlap!  I look forward to the years ahead when our children will write those we are praying for.

Have a great week!

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  1. I started collecting picture frames for wonderful projects just like this! Thank you!

  2. Yours turned out great ... awesome job! Thanks for letting me know you made it ... I love seeing other versions.


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