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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jill's Fall Decorations

A few weeks ago,  I mentioned that I was decorating for fall.  I had a couple people ask to see what my decorations looked liked in order to get some ideas.  I wanted to share them with you.  I hope that my pictures and ideas might spur you on to add some new decorations.

I love Fall.  It is one of my favorite seasons.  There is nothing like the crispness in the air and time to cuddle up under a blanket.   I don't love winter, but I love all that leads up to it!

 Here is my Fall Mantle.  In the center I have the great countdown that Shannon made me.  To the left, I have a Fall printable in a cheap Walmart frame, don't worry, I have a list of printables that I will share with you later this week. To the right, I have a Happy Harvest Pumpkin that I got a long time ago from Kohls. I got the idea to use lighted garland from Joanns.  The lighted garland was $20 a strand, so I bought garland I liked and strung my own Christmas lights through it, saved me $14 a strand. I have four ceramic pumpkins mixed throughout the garland.  I bought these at Old Time Pottery a few years back.  I think I have 4 large ones and 4 small ones all over the house.  Hanging from the mantle is my Candy Corn Bunting that I made last year.  Lastly, you will notice something hanging off to the side.  That is my cord for my lights.  I didn't like the nasty brown cord doing down my molding and we don't have electricity wired to the mantle.  I used some of my leftover fall fabric and made a cover for the extension cord.  That's just a tip if you have the same issue.

 I got this adorable turkey at Old Time Pottery and it is made out of an orange rug.  Wish I had been creative enough to think of that one.  I also make slipcover pillowcases to add some seasonal flair to my pillow covered hearth.  I will do a tutorial for that soon.  (Very easy and great way to both change out decor and clean pillows from the messes of little ones).

 On my side tables, I add some Halloween decor with some wooden jack o'lanterns that I found at Kohls a long time ago and some spider votives that my Mom bought me from Cracker Barrel.  (FYI, Cracker Barrel is a great place to pick up seasonal decor, sometimes at fantastic prices).

 I have my Candy Corn Wreath hanging on my entryway closet door.  I can't hang it on the front door as the sun would melt it!

 For my entryway, I have another lighted garland, my digital picture frame (that has nothing to do with Fall), two different ceramic pumpkins (another Cracker Barrel buy), a candy corn candle, jack o'lantern candle and a ghost candle.  Down below, I have a basket corn acopia that I filled with my crocheted candy corn, a beautiful family picture frame that Shannon made me and a basket with some fall orange candles.

Last, but not least is my favorite fall decoration and treat, my candy corn dish filled and refilled regularly with candy corn.  This used to be on the entryway table until two little boys gorged themselves on candy corn.  I also have a few more ceramic pumpkins and my orange soap dispenser that I added black vinyl to in order to make it a jack o'lantern.  (I'll show you my other soap dispensers in a future post).

That's my fall decorations.  I have a few things outside, but that is minimal and something I need to work on for the future.  If life slows down before Halloween, maybe I can work on some cute decorations for outside.  I hope that you got some ideas and that you are enjoying the Fall season!

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