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Monday, November 28, 2011

Jill's Etsy & Paying it Forward Announcement

As many of you know, I recently opened up an Etsy shop.  I am very excited to get more listings up and to expand the items that I am creating.

I'm not sure what I was thinking opening up a shop so close to Christmas.  I realize now that I have missed out on some key business, but I also realized that I may overload myself at one of the busiest times of the year.  I'm not worried though, I would best under pressure.  My sister says it is my preferred method.  It probably is, but of insanity!

I finished up a few local orders and then opened up my shop.  Then I got a flood of local orders again.  I am very thankful for the business locally and on Etsy as it helps to pay for Christmas gifts and my yarn addiction!

I was incredibly happy when I got my first official Etsy order last week!  Woo hoo!  I was excited.  Plus, it was from someone in Canada!  Yippee, I've gone international to start.  I can't wait to see where future orders will come from.

I share all of this information to let you know that I have a big announcement about my shop.  Let me give you the background first.  My husband is an avid reader. (I just read beach novels and Francine Rivers).  He recently read Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey (he passed along many business tips to me from this book) and Start Something that Matters by Blake Mycoskie.  If you aren't familiar with Blake Mycoskie, you might know him better as the creator of the TOMS brand of shoes.  TOMS shoes started a program that for every pair of shoes that is purchased another pair will be given to a deserving recipient in South America.

Both of the books have been wrestling in my husband's mind for the last few weeks.  After I opened up my shop, he came to be with an idea, which I loved. He said to me, "What if for every hat that is purchased on etsy you make another hat or item that goes to charity or the NICU."  I told him that his idea was perfect!

In the past I had always thought of making blankets for Project Linus, but blankets are very time intensive and I didn't have that much time.  A hat I can do though.  I know local hospitals need many hats for all the babies, especially those in the NICU. That is where I want to make an impact.  I love giving to others and I want to give to God's little gifts the most!


With the opening of my shop, I want to announce that for every hat that is purchased, I will make a special hat that will be donated to NICU babies in local Atlanta hospitals. 

I will regularly post my stash of hats that I make for this pay it forward part of my shop here on the blog. I won't be making boring little hats, but the cute ones like the ones that you see in my shop.  Every baby deserves something special and I want to help keep them warm and know that they are loved.

The next time you want to buy a handmade gift, please consider my shop.  You'll be giving a gift twice!

I would love it if you would share my shop and mission to pay it forward with others.  I know it might not be something huge, but every little bit makes a difference.

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