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Monday, January 30, 2012


I have a new fascination and love for cowls.  The problem is I haven't had time to make myself one!  I pinned a bunch of cowls on Pinterest so that I could pick the right one that I wanted to make for myself.  Well, my sister saw them and pinned her order for me.  I don't mind.  Making money is better than making something for myself right now.  I also made one for a friend.

All three of these cowls, I made before Christmas. People, I am telling you I was a crocheting fool before Christmas.  Never will I do that again!  I like to enjoy crocheting not feel like I am in mass production mode.  I felt like I was the only worker in a sweat shop!  Whew!

No matter the stress, I love the cowls that I created.  I have included the links to the patterns that I used as well.

Here is my sister, Dana, in the cowl that I made her.  It is just a smaller loop, not one that can be wrapped around a couple of times.
This is what the cowl looked like laid out flat.  I used Hobby Lobby's I love this yarn in Gray.  You can find the pattern for this Convertible cowl here.

Dana also asked me to make one for her mother-in-law, Latifa (pictured above) that she could wrap around her head.  I forgot to take a picture of this laying flat so you could see the detail.  This is very pretty and looks almost knitted.    I did this in Hobby Lobby I love this yarn in Red.

Here is a picture of the pattern writer:
You can find the pattern for the Calm cowl here.

The last cowl that I made was a couple of months before Christmas for my friend Amy's birthday.  I know she wears lots of cute scarfs so I wanted to make her a cowl.  I saw this pattern on Pinterest and fell in love with it.  

This scarf is made by repeating a crocheted wheel pattern.  It is just beautifully detailed.  I don't have a picture of Amy in the cowl as she hasn't sent me one and I won't harass her any longer.  I followed the pattern instructions and made this from Simply Soft Yarn in Gray.  I plan to make this one again but I will make it much wider so that I can easily wrap it around my neck a few times.  The original pattern seemed a bit short.  You can find more pictures and the pattern for the Chunky Circle Scarf here.

Do you have a favorite cowl pattern?  I would love to a link to it if you do.  As I said before it is a new obsession!

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