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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ear warmer or Headwrap

I added a new project to my Christmas list this year.  It is a beautiful ear warmer.  I made one for my husband's cousin's wife, Lana (follow that one?).  She looked through my pattern book and said she would love one of those.  I actually made her two.  One was just a basic ear warmer and the other one was a new stitch for me, the basket-weave or waffle stitch.  I preferred the new stitch.  I liked it so much that I made my best friend, Laura, one for Christmas as well.

If you don't like hats but want something cute to keep you warm, an ear warmer is a great accessory.  (It is hard to write about this when it is 70 today in Georgia on February 2!)

Check the ear warmers out.

 Here is Laura modeling the ear warmer for me.  It is so nice to get a picture of something I made on someone!  I think it looks great on her.
This is a close-up of the same ear warmer so that you can see the flower and the detail of the stitching.  I made Laura's ear warmer out of I love this Yarn in Denim with a flower in Hot Rose.  I also found a hot pink button to put on the back which made it that much cuter.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me when I gave Lana her ear warmer, but maybe I will get a picture from her soon.  If it cools down enough to wear it, that is.
 You can tell the basket-weave stitching better on this one.  I made this one from Vanna's Choice in Dark Grey.
What is really nice about his pattern is there isn't a designated button hole.  If you have a bit smaller of a head you can move it up in between a stitch or it can be right at the end if you have a larger sized head.

I was so happy to finally have someone to make this pattern for.  It is another great Mamachee pattern called the Elisabeth Headwrap and you can find it here.

Here is the other ear warmer I made.  I just like the details of the other one much better.

I will list this ear warmer in the next couple of days in my shop.

If you are interested in this ear warmer or other items that I make, you can find them in my etsy shop.  I post all my products (whether they are currently listed or not) on my facebook page (Jillysboutique11).  Go "like" my page.  I post all my specials on there as well. I plan to do a giveaway very soon!

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