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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crochet Heart Hair Clip

The other day I made some heart hair clips for my daughter and for an order in my shop.  They were so easy to make that I wanted to give you an easy tutorial.  These hair clips can be attached to any hat or directly in the hair.

Are you ready for a very easy tutorial?

Crochet Heart Hair Clip Tutorial

Yarn of choice in any color that you would like the heart to be
J crochet hook
Small piece of felt or fleece in a matching color to yarn
Glue gun and glue sticks
Metal alligator clip
1/4" ribbon for lining alligator clip

Skip to My Lou has a great simple pattern for a crochet heart.  Head over there and get the pattern.  I have a tip for you before you begin though.  I use a magic adjustable ring to start this heart, it allows you to pull the heart tighter.  I also use this on all my hats.  It can seem complicated at first, but once you have it down it is a great tool to use.  You can find a step by step picture tutorial for the magic adjustable ring here.

Once you have made the heart, sew in all the ends so that you have a finished heart.  Cut a small amount of felt or fleece to cover the back of your heart.  It doesn't need to be cut perfectly.  The felt gives the alligator clip a better place to attach itself than directly on the yarn.  Attach your felt with glue from your glue gun.  Try not to put too much glue on the felt or it will bleed through to the front of your yarn on the heart.

Grab your alligator clip (you can purchase these at any craft store or beauty supply store).  The one I am using is a 1 3/4" clip.  Cut a piece of ribbon to about 7 inches.

Using a lighter, singe the end of the ribbon so that the ribbon doesn't fray.  (Sorry I was crafting by myself and couldn't take picture of this step.  I needed both hands!)

Place a small strip of glue on the first inch of the ribbon.  Open up your alligator clip and place the ribbon faced down on the bottom part of the clip.

Continue a strip of glue down the ribbon and fold it back on the exterior of the alligator clip.

Place more glue on the ribbon and push into the exterior of the clip.
Then place glue on the remainder of the ribbon.  Work quickly and fold it over the clip, press open the clip and fold over the ribbon into the inside of the clip.
That's it.  Some people like a partially covered clip as well.  You can shorten your ribbon and start on the exterior bottom of the clip.

Once your clip is lined.  Place a strip of glue on the top of your clip and push it into the felt.  Make sure you attach the top of the clip to the felt, not the bottom of the clip.  If you do the bottom, the clip will look all wonky on your head.

There you have it.  An adorable heart hair clip.  I know it will look precious on my sweet Anna.  I am going to make her a simple white cloche (like the one in the picture) then I can attach the heart hair clip to it.  Then I can attach other holiday clips to it throughout the year.

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