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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

GraciAnn's Doll Clothes

Back in the fall, Shannon's daughter, GraciAnn had a birthday.  Shannon had mentioned that GraciAnn was really into doll clothes.  Well, I knew I didn't have time to sew some clothes nor did I want the headache and frustration that would cause me.  I like to sew, but I want the products that I make to be high quality.  Trying something for the first time would not be the quality that I like.  

Instead I went the route that I knew I could accomplish.  I got on the internet and found a crochet doll dress pattern.  
Well, a dress wasn't enough, so I made a hat as well.  I looked and looked and can't find the pattern for the hat.  If I find it I will add it.  You can find the doll dress pattern here.

Here is a closeup of the dress.  The sides are open to ease the dolls arms in.

Here is a closeup of the hat.  It is pretty close to a preemie size hat.

I love the shell design of the dress.  I need to figure out how to make a larger version for my sweet Anna.

I've noticed that little girls like to match their doll clothing.  Thankfully, I had enough yarn to make GraciAnn a matching hat.  This pattern is called the Sunshine Beanie and is from one of my favorite pattern designers, Ambassador Crochet.

I hope you like these gifts that I made.  I also hope that GraciAnn is enjoying her new doll clothes.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Unable to download pattern. Stated that the link could not be found when I tried the word to obtain pattern,"here".I would really like to have this pattern. My email address is sargecarol1@windstream.net. I would appriciate hearing from you. Thank you, Carol

  2. Hey Carol;
    if you use a search engine, type in Wayback Machine, it takes you to an internet archive page that has saved snapshots of pages no longer online.
    First, click on the "here" highlighted link word up there, and when you get to that error page, highlight with your mouse the address in the "http" address bar at the top of your page, and click "copy". Then go to the wayback page and paste that addy into their search bar.
    They do have the page archived, but initially, after you put the address in the search bar, you'll see a page with a calendar on it, with several days highlighted with blue circles. Those are the dates they took a snapshot of the page. If you click on one of those blue circles, you'll get your pattern. That is how I got mine.


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